Friday, 31 March 2006

Racism Over Uniform


'THE UNIFORM policy at a Burton school which allows female Muslim pupils to wear traditional religious dress is under review amid claims it is divisive and encourages racism'. Of course, you don't need me to tell you that complaining about others being different is really what is divisive and encourages racism. If Whites could accept difference, as such, then They wouldn't be so racist and divisive and such claims would never be made.

Whites have no difficulty in legally recognising bigamy among Muslims as valid marriages. Nor do They any problem with differential treatment for halal and kosher butchers, who’re allowed to kill their animals in ways that animal-lovers (ie, human-haters) find objectionable. Nor do Whites complain about the fact that you’re more likely to be stopped and searched if you’re Black than if you’re White.

Like all mentally-ill types, Whites find political consistency impossible.

What Whites are trying to do here is to use their skin colour to accuse others of racism; proving that They are the racists.

'The move comes less than a week after Luton student Shabina Begum lost her fight in the Court of Appeal to continue wearing the traditional headscarf and shawl after being excluded from school'. Now, of course, Whites feel emboldened to openly express Their racism - especially toward Muslims. Hopefully, Muslims will respond by setting-up Their own schools so that They can dress as They please. This will be a victory for those who claim that forcing everyone to be the same brings about the chimera of social cohesion. It will produce the very segregation they secretly crave so that Muslims will be easier to point-out in public because of the way they dress.

By attacking people’s religious codes, you attack their religious beliefs – and religion as such. But those doing this never admit that this is what they’re really doing.

If the White Racist limp-brains stopped worrying about others being different then the difference wouldn't matter nearly so much. But They do because of Their racist (& god-like) obsession with fashioning everyone in Their own image. As They do when spreading democracy - at the point of a gun - throughout the benighted world that Whites think owes Them a living.

'Parents of children who attend Abbot Beyne claim the uniform issue 'segregates' ethnic minority pupils from their white counterparts and fuels racial tension'. It would be interesting to know what these same parents do for causes such as anti-racism or pro-diversity. I bet the answer is nothing because the article doesn't record Their views on Blacks and none of the racist cowards was willing to be named. They’re concerned not about racism - as such - but about anything that They can claim leaves Them worse off. In other words, They're racist hypocrites.

'It's wrong for there to be one rule for one group of students and one for another...' And yet, few Whites ever complained about this in the past. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly Whites are the victims (of Their own racism) and boy are They pissed. Now They're learning what it feels like to be racially abused. Instead of being openly racist about it, perhaps They should learn from the experience and just stop being racist altogether. But, I’m afraid leopards rarely change their spots.

'This is making the kids racist towards one another because certain groups are getting treated differently'. No, it's White Parents complaining about Blacks that tends Their children towards racist viewpoints. As always, Whites are trying to blame Blacks for Their (the Whites) own racist attitudes. This is very similar to what often happens when a woman gets raped - it's her fault because she's too sexually attractive not to be molested and that'll serve her right for being so lovely.

Perhaps orthodox Jews will now start complaining about having to wear a skullcap because gentiles aren't required to? Perhaps the rich discriminate against the poor simply because they're poor and should give away enough of their wealth to equalise it with the average poor person? Whatever next? Whites; there's simply no end to the racism: They will try to get away with and, irony of ironies, in the guise of racial equality. And isn't that the cleverest racism of them all?

Anonymous Whites fear being labelled racist because They have no way of arguing their case without using racism to support it. In other words, Their fears are justified because They are racists.

Campaigners demand race is included in new mental health reforms

Campaigners demand race is included in new mental health reforms


‘Health Czar Louis Appleby: loyal to the government despite “czars” being billed as independent thinkers free from ministerial control’. This criticism is basically silly since he whom pays the piper calls the tune – don’t Blacks realise that yet?

It’s worth looking up the meaning of the word “czar” in order for Blacks to understand why Whites chose it:

czar noun
1. Also tsar or tzar. A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.
2. A person having great power; an autocrat: “the square-jawed, ruddy complacency of Jack Farrell, the czar of the Fifteenth Street police station” (Ernest Hemingway).
3. Informal. An appointed official having special powers to regulate or supervise an activity: a racetrack czar; an energy czar.

A pretty appropriate definition-set I’d say!

‘Health ministers want to bring by the back door the same changes that have been so bitterly criticised for increasing discrimination against Black mental health users’. Well, yes: Obviously! They’d be only too happy to lock up as many Niggers as possible! Shirley, you always knew that?

The point of introducing entirely new legislation is that Whites knew that Blacks would complain about it and waste valuable energy attacking it. Now that that that idea has been defeated, Whites hoped that Blacks would become complacent with their minor victory on this score. The same legislation that was abandoned can be now be effectively re-introduced with less people noticing that it is precisely the same as that which Whites have claimed to abandon. This is a Common White Practice.

Professor Appleby said: ‘Race will be dealt with in the policy that comes from the Bill rather than in the legislation’. This means Whites are sick and tired of having Their own racism thrown back a Them in statutes that are harder to change (‘...overhaul of this Bill presents a once in a generation chance to influence legislation that could last over 20 years’) than policy guidelines which, by their nature, can be defined in more than one way. The problem with written law is that the fact that we have, for example, a Race Relations Act, strongly implies that the reason for such legislation is because Whites are institutionally racist. They are. That’s why such laws exist.

Whites now want to pretend that the need for such laws is greatly diminished although few whites ever step out of line to confess to racism of any kind. When one considers the Great White Desire to pathologise Blacks as endemically inferior one would expect more whites to have come out of the closet to admit this. Whites are more willing to admit that They are rapists, paedophiles and drunks than confess to being uncomfortable in the presence of Blacks. This is why none ever come forward, and why there is no Racists’ Anonymous; proving the Devout White Belief in the genetic inferiority of Blacks.

Whites are keener to conceal Their racism – so that They can continue to practice it – rather than to openly admit Their racism and deal with it through legislation; no matter how ineffective.

‘Consultant psychiatrist Dr Kwame Mckenzie told Blink: “This Bill runs counter to the Race Relations Amendment Act and Human Rights Act but the message that the Government is giving makes it clear that race does not rank high on its lists of priorities”’. This comment makes you wonder what world Blacks really live in, because the exact opposite is true. Race is of the highest importance to Whites since it’s the only means They have of desperately trying to prove that They are the superior race. This is precisely why They don’t want the issue addressed directly in legislation, because They want to hide this simple fact. The fact is that without racism, Whites have to accept that They are just as good and as bad as Blacks. And there is no way on God’s Earth that They are ever going to do that, even at the point of a gun. Live institutionally racist or die an egalitarian is Their motto because it allows Them to look down Their noses at someone else while simultaneously evading the essential emptiness of Their culture. (This is why They spend such an inordinate amount of time decrying multiculturalism as no more than politically-correct.)

‘Without proper consultation with the Black community the current crisis in BME mental health will only get worse’. Consultation means nothing, since Whites don’t care what Blacks think. If They did, They wouldn’t be the handmaidens of an institutionally-racist culture. Consultation does not mean Whites have to take a blind bit of notice about anything Blacks have to say. Especially if They can get a well-paid Token Black to stand up in public, take the racist heat and say that the results of such consultations are irrelevant to the needs of mental healthcare; that is, of Whites.

‘Consultant psychiatrist professor Suman Fernando told Blink: “Now is the time to be proactive, we should ask for race to be included in the legislative reforms and not be put off”’. Another Black Fool. A man who ASKS that Whites renounce racism is going to continue to be racially abused. This is like asking a paedophile to stop abusing kids or a baby not to cry... It’s just impossible.

'When we first suggested that there should be a full and proper Race Equality Impact Assessment on the 2004 Bill we were told by civil servants that it would not be an option, but because of persistent lobbying for our demands, we got one’. Well, whoop-de-do; way to go; so fuckin’ what! This doesn’t mean that the assessment will be included in law, asshole! So, you’re lobbying amounts to nothing more than a hilla beans.

Lord Herman Ouseley said: 'It is clear that the needs of both Acts have to be met and the concerns of Black health experts should be addressed or there will be huge opposition to the Bill in the Lords’. Because the House of Lords is mostly White, this does seem rather unlikely. Whites aren’t going to vote in favour of Blacks anymore than a turkey would vote in favour of Christmas! We saw the moral backbone of the House of Lords recently when they caved-in over a law to outlaw the glorification of terrorism.

‘Given the proposals in the 2004 Act, health campaigners believe it is time for them to set the agenda of what the new legislation should contain or there is the danger of being left with the worst of both Bills’. The Usual Black Waste of Time. Blacks will never learn that it is pointless working with Whites on issues that affect Blacks because Blacks will always come-off worst. Any issue designed to affect Blacks worse than Whites was explicitly designed to do so: White Culture is institutionally racist, face it! Negotiating with Whites about such issues never rises above the level of appeasement.

There are great career opportunities in creating and maintaining a pathologised group of “Black Psychotics” who can be exploited not for curative, palliative nor preventive purposes, but to provide Whites with health and social welfare careers – in perpetuity. This is identical to the Great White Desire to keep lower-class Whites poorly educated so that millions of well-educated Whites can develop and maintain careers in the various social services. To enforce a self-contained British Empire of feudal lord and dependent vassals. A medievalism based on a knowledge economy where the serfs are kept away from knowledge as much as possible by providing them only with the poorest schools in the worst locations.

‘Rev Arlington Trotman, secretary of the Churches Commission for Racial Justice believes the Government would be foolish to ignore the Black communities concerns as it was the furore over the badly handled race review of the 2004 Bill that forced them back to the drawing board’. No, it wasn’t. The government hasn’t gone back to the drawing board because it still wants to do the same as before but in a more slippery manner. The created furore was simply an attempt to exhaust Black Politicos into thinking They’ve won when They haven’t.

This article is schizophrenic in its assertion that Whites have had to give something up while simultaneously implying that They’re about to have another go at attempting the very thing Whites appear to have given up ‘by the back door’! This means Whites haven’t given up Their dreams of psychopathologising Blacks in order to keep Blacks at the lowest levels of White Culture.

Can’t you Black Bastards ever make up your mind what you really think about Whites or are you still pointlessly trying to convince Whites that YOU can be trusted when THEY can’t. You’ll never learn that Whites will never play ball with you on any level playing-field anymore than They would regarding Their own lower orders or Their own women.

'It was the enormous reaction to the 2004 Bill in the first place caused it's downfall, and you cannot propose a Bill that does not take race into account, especially now when it is so high on the agenda with the Commission on Human Rights and Equalities’. This is terribly naive. Whites will try to evade race by any means – fair or foul. There’s no real reason Whites need to take race into account. Blacks secretly know this, which is why They’re scared of such legislation. They try to conceal Their fear by patting Themselves on the back in this mawkish manner in the pretence that They can have any real sway over what they deep-down know Whites are salivating over planning to do to Blacks.

'There is unified feeling in the BME community in terms of its objectives and we want to make sure that the discrimination is addressed in adjustments to the 1983 Bill’. Is there really: On what evidence? This falls into the usual trap of Blacks pretending to be united in just the way White Racists like, for it allows Whites to treat Blacks as homogenous; that is, as objects for (racist) abuse. If only Blacks could get over Their feelings and posit rational, logical and objective goals, rather than Their basic (largely justified) hatred of Whites. Now that would be an advance if Blacks could deal with Whites unemotionally so that Whites could never then claim Blacks as inferior just because They showed some emotion. (Notice that if a White shows emotion, Whites call it “just high spirits”; when a Black does exactly the same, it’s a threat to national security; that is, White Security.)

Left to die

Left to die


‘Mr Mwedzi's aunt, Frances Misi, has been told that the two paramedics have given statements claiming that Mr Mwedzi refused to be taken to hospital’. Surprise! Surprise! How else can they excuse their racism?

Mr Mwedzi's aunt, Frances Misi: 'This is not something that should be happening in the 21st century’. Odd how Blacks think that the incidence of racism is somehow dependent upon the date. I wonder if They also think it also depends on the time of day? (“This is not something that should be happening before teatime!”)

‘We want justice and we want the truth; for them to admit what they did’. Blacks’ll get none of these things – as They well know.

‘We don't want this to happen to anyone else’. Of course, it will – it has to. How else can Whites endeavour to prove Their superiority save by creating a culture where Blacks are openly treated as inferiors?

It beggars belief that blacks swallow the White Propaganda churned out by institutionally-racist organisations like the BBC and the UK Police Service. About how marvellous White People are in letting blacks live here; allowing Whites to pretend how committed Whites are to fair-play and justice and equality, etc, etc; ad nauseam.

Nevertheless, blacks do swallow this bullshit.

Blacks want to believe Self-Serving White Delusions because Blacks are scared that They actually are inferior to Whites in their inability to squarely face-up to White Racists and defeat Them.

As Whites formerly tried to colonise other countries, they currently try to colonise other minds with White Racist Propaganda. But, as the British Empire failed so, too, will the attempt at an empire of the mind in which White Minds are automatically superior. However, this will not be because Blacks are tough - They aren't - but because the concept of colonisation as such is untenable; proven by the fact that all empires fail in the end.

What we’re witnessing now are early signs of what will happen after the proposed introduction of identity cards. To get medical treatment then, you will have to be entitled to it rather more than be in need of it. This is all part and parcel of the effective dismantling of the National Health Service – especially for Blacks. Racist Whites will then be given carte blanche to refuse treatment to foreign-looking types. And, if it turns out they have legal residence but die because first-aid was too late in coming, Whites will then say They couldn’t find their identity cards. The (non-)existence of such a card will then have become more important than a man, say, in the middle of an epileptic seizure.

We are rapidly retreating back to the time when houses were fire-insured in such a way that only those showing a fire insurance plaque outside their houses would have any fire doused – any other property is simply left to burn.

Mrs Misi continues in the same idiotic vein: 'I've had so many sleepless nights since his death wondering what kind of world we are living in’. How can any rational person spend any ‘sleepless nights’ at all wondering about any such thing when the answer to such wonderment is simple: A racist world?

Mr Mwedzi's uncle, Walter Matsika: 'I don't want to use the word racism, but what else can explain what happened?' Obviously, nothing else! Here we come to the basic problem with UK blacks. When confronted by ostentatious racism, They claim They don’t want to use the word racism? What are They afraid of? The very racism that They can so clearly see? If that’s the case, They should pack up and leave the country now because They ain’t gonna do much good for Themselves nor anyone else here. Even though They claim They would like not to see this sort of thing happen again. Perhaps They think They will achieve this by refraining from calling a thing by its proper name and, thereby, hope the problem of the hate that dare not speak its name will go away of its own accord? Wankers!

(Hurrah: At last the BLINK Website is taking English spelling and grammar seriously! It’s about time – apart from the fact that mis-spelt is spelt misspelt! ‘They [Sussex Ambulance Service] issued a statement in which the victims name was mis-spelt (Sic). 'We can confirm that we have received a complaint from the family of Mr Muebzi [sic] regarding the care he allegedley [sic] received from our crews’.)

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

THIS generation rule the nation


‘Oliver Letwin, the Conservative’s former shadow chancellor turned policy reformer, cut to the chase.
“My prime purpose [for wanting more Black Tory MPs] is self-interest.
“We want to be a more effective political force, and we will never be a more effective political force unless we look like the country we seek to govern. There is a clear vested interest in making this programme work”’. This means politicians can never condemn vested interest in others - ever again – without hypocrisy! Yippee! The fallacy here, of course, is that the government being a representative sample of the races that make up the UK won’t automatically make any politics more nor less effective. Anymore than socialising medicine made us more healthy when the country was almost entirely white and whites decided that making healthcare less effective – because based on a Marxist concept – by creating the ineffective National Health Service.

Black (& Progressive White) wishful thinking is not an effective substitute for facing up-to the facts-of-reality.

The vested interest the Conservatives effectively deny here – by never mentioning it – is that they are so desperate for votes that they’re trawling (scraping the bottom of the barrel?) in the rather small pool of potential votes from Blacks. They hope that this will somehow make them more electable come the next general election. How’s that for a vested interest?

‘Simon Woolley, national coordinator (Sic) of OBV, said he had been deluged with hundreds of applications. He hoped this years' intake would be “the next generation of Bernie Grant's, Diane Abbott's and Keith Vaz's”’. Oh Jesus H Christ, let’s hope not! What those named have done for UK race relations I’d like someone to put into writing – so that I can show it to my eight-year-old nephew to use as political toilet paper.

How painfully naive to think that black politicians are going to be any less racist than white ones! Especially when those same black politicos realise that a choice will have to be made between being overtly Black and being the White Man’s Poodle – as Tony Blair is to George Bush. Special relationship, my arse!

In reality, Black politicians are inclined to be more racist because they feel that no matter what they do, they still have to earn White Man’s Approval. And to continually earn their place at the high table that Selected Black Tokens gain simply for being black. This means walking on eggshells to not offend White Sensibilities while not alienating the blacks who voted for them. It also means mentally-focusing on their skin colour more than a white politician would feel the need to; guiltily wondering whether they’ve sold-out their racial contemporaries.

No wonder black politicians are so ineffective because a culture that qualifies the adjective “politician” with the word “black” – while never doing so for a white politician – creates a square for itself that simply cannot be circled. It leads to paranoid/schizophrenia

Imagine, after all, not being trusted simply because you’re black and spending the rest of your miserable existence desperately trying to prove to racist whites that you can be trusted? (There’s a really good and publicly-humiliating reality-tv game-show here. But what white tv production company would ever accept it when it would do no more than reveal the racism of the people who put it on the telly in the first place?)

‘He [Simon Woolley] said: “There is a clear acceptance from political parties that they cannot sit back. They have to go out there and get them and nurture them”’. Yeah, and turn them into Whitespeaking robots under the political control of the White Paradigm!

‘Farmida Bi, who was mentored by Home Office minister Fiona MacTaggart during the last shadowing round, said OBV's scheme helped her decide whether politics was for her’. Arrogantly, politicians think that only they practice politics while the rest of us are at their disposal! If Farmida Bi had realised that a career in politics was not ‘for her’, that also would have been a political decision. What a political ingenue she must be! It’s only the pay, the perquisites and the pension she’s after, you mark my words.

'It opened doors to give me a way forward'. Really! And here was old Frank TALKER thinking that successful people made their own opportunities in life. Ah, well. There you go – I must have been wrong all these years. In truth, what she’s saying here is that it’s only when Whites decide to open these ‘doors’ that they’ll ever be open for Blacks; proving once again, the inane and inbred inferiority complex of the black race.

‘MacTaggart, who has become friends with Bi, said the lack of Black MPs - there's currently only 15 - made her “very frustrated”’. She’s frustrated because she’d feel lonely being surrounded by Caucasians she couldn’t possibly trust or relate to! She wants to become a politician so long as there’s another black hand to hold while she’s doing it. If she lacked this feeling, there’d be no need for parliament to demographically represent us - the issue wouldn’t then be ethnic representation but democratic representation as such.

The truth is that the only reason these political Black ingenues want to be politicians is precisely because Whites can never be trusted with making decisions that affect Blacks. Being politically-astute, Blacks know They can never admit this for fear of being called racists by the racist race (Whites). In which case, what good does this kind of thing really do when politicians feel they can’t be honest? These Blacks are just another bunch of liars and parasites who will focus on ideology at the expense of reality as white politicians have done before them.

‘Dawn Butler, MP for Brent South, said she wasn't surprised by the interest despite the fact that it is fashionable to be cynical about politics’. Only politicians are cynical about politics - the rest of us are realists about what politicians are up to! A 39% abstention rate from general elections proves this. She’s implying she’s noble while those she labels as cynics are the real cynics! How typical of a white person to blame the victim for all the things that they would like to do to the victim. Like taxing him until the pips squeak in order to feed the lazy and undeserving poor, for example, just to buy the votes of those same poor! How cynical is that?

'People of black and minority ethnic backgrounds are galvanising themselves. We are a strong voice and we want to be listened to’.' Where is the evidence for this garbage? If Blacks were already a strong voice then why would They want to be listened to? Shirley, They’d already be being listened to? If not, then They can’t have all that strong a voice! If you have such a strong voice why are you not being listened to and why do you claim to have such a voice when you know you’re not being listened to? Is it because your voice isn't so strong that it can be heard over and above the White Din?

You can only know (ie, obtain the necessary feedback) that you have a strong voice if others respond – negatively or positively. If they don’t respond at all, you have nothing – only pent-up anger baying at the moon. And the moon has no ears! Without this feedback, you might as well have a strong voice in the vacuum of space, for all the good it will do you – and in space, no one can hear you scream.

It takes two to tango - otherwise you ain’t gonna dance. You may have a strong voice but if there’s no-one to listen, you can use a megaphone – it won’t make the slightest difference. This shows, from a psychological perspective, how lonely Blacks feel Themselves to be within White Culture. Only a lonely person, after all, thinks that the mere act of talking produces active listening in others. They think this because ears can’t be closed and, therefore, that somehow others are forced to listen to their lonely despair. But there is as much difference between looking and seeing as there is between listening and hearing. Blacks have yet to learn this simple lesson in the political arena.

(On the plus side, the spelling and grammar of his piece is better than the usual Guardian-level standard.)

Race for opportunity


'The next milestone in the battle to combat race discrimination will be public bodies putting equality at the heart of service contracts...
'Employment minister Margaret Hodge said that Labour's goal of full employment, 80% of working-age people with jobs, could only be achieved if racial inequality was addressed'.

However, since ethnic minorities only represent eight per cent of the total UK population, racism does not need to be addressed to achieve an 80% employment rate! This is simple maths, after all. The issue would only be a problem if ethnic minorities represented more than 20% of the population which is unlikely anytime soon because Whites have immigration controls for Blacks entering the country. This means that White Racists have no incentive to tackle Their own racism.

Perhaps full employment should be redefined as 92%. That would then perhaps make Whites think twice about being racist since, like most UK government targets, the inability to deal effectively with work racism in such circumstances would then become more obvious. This would lead Blacks to the more effective solutions White Racists dread: Revolving around not curing racism but revealing it, so that Blacks can then reasonably claim that They wish to have as little to do with Whites as possible.

This would also have the salutary effect of forcing realists to face the fact that racism is such an Inbred White Problem that it cannot be solved by mere government fiat.

‘She [Employment minister Margaret Hodge] promised that several government departments would ensure that £300m worth of contracts demanded that successful companiesput (Sic) race equality in the workplace high on the agenda’. How this would tackle race discrimination at work is never explained. It’s like saying that because we’re aware of a problem - because we’ve spent the past 50 years banging-on about it – that somehow that awareness, itself, will make a difference. Plenty of issues are placed high on a meeting agenda merely to be forgotten once the meeting is over, after all. Simple experience tells you this, does it not?

'Our ability to use public procurement to influence public attitudes is an important lever’. The arrogance of (White) governments shocks even Frank TALKER. How governments influence public attitudes is never explained, except in the self-evident cases where personal and/or public safety is at stake – such as suggesting people wear car seatbelts. Albeit that this only ever worked when it became compulsory to wear such belts. But where is the public (ie, White) safety in changing White Attitudes to Blacks when it’s those selfsame Whites who believe Blacks are a threat to Whites? And who, therefore, believe that public safety is best served by discriminating against Blacks, not by ceasing to do so? The reality is that public safety is focussed more on the terrorist threat Blacks are said to represent and, therefore, in keeping as many out of the country as possible. And in keeping as many who already reside here in fear of stepping-out-of-line by, for example, expressing the merest hint of approval for such threatening (to Whites, anyway) activities as justified terrorism.

Monday, 27 March 2006


A response to the above article:

Mr Stockdill is exploiting the inherent racism of political correct approaches to race issues to vent his own racist feelings behind a would-be critique of political correctness.

(Political correctness is racist because it seeks to push race issues under the carpet by claiming that we should never discuss them openly. This is because Whites have never figured out what is, and what is not, racist. Because of this, Whites fear that anything and everything They might say could be construed as being racist. This fear has a chilling effect on free speech; resulting in racism never being discussed properly and a battle between different groups of Whites over deconstructing statements made by members of other groups as to whether they are, or are not, racist. This is exactly the same as saying: “Some of my best friends are niggers” while not knowing what friendship is.)

As always with closet racists, Mr Stockdill’s racism isn’t evident from what he says, but from a pattern of obsession with racial issues and the political correctness which he feels does not allow him to say what he really thinks about Blacks. 'Will I be nicked if I show this to anyone?‘ (regarding expressions like: ‘The Chocolate Coloured Coon’) shows that he wants to use such expressions – not wanting to realise that they are now firmly out-of-date (unless a historical point is being made, say) – because he is stuck in the past.

Mr Stockdill can get away with this because his criticisms of political correctness are apposite, but the suspicion remains that because he doesn’t make clear what he’s complaining about – political correctness or Black People – he comes across as wilfully racist. H8s refusal to comment publicly about his editorials only enforces this impression.

‘One Black Watford man, who was beaten up in a racially-motivated attack, told Blink that Mr Stockdill's column contributed to an atmosphere of racism in the town’. This is foolish because it’s the ‘atmosphere of racism in the town’ that leads to such newspaper articles rather more than the other way around.

‘Liberal Democrat Watford councillor Rabindranath Martins wrote to the Watford Observer saying he was “deeply shocked by [Mr Stockdill's]... highly offensive comments.”’ This is stupid because the offensiveness of a statement is irrelevant. It’s the truth or falsehood of a statement that matters otherwise we might just as well all give up now and live in cloud-cuckoo land. Such statements allow Blacks to penalise Whites for saying things Blacks don’t like; allowing Blacks to be racist towards Whites.

‘Cllr Martins added: “I can only surmise that he gets some perverse self gratification in using language which he knows will cause offence to our ethnic minority residents. This time he has overstepped the line of tolerable behaviour.”’ This is the most likely psychological explanation of Mr Stockdill’s behaviour.


A response to the above article:

This is a statement of the bleeding obvious: Blacks are hardly likely to be in favour of negative action on race!

London mayor, ken Livingstone, saying: 'London has always been a city that welcomes people from different cultures encouraging them to live and prosper in the city’ is absurd. If true, then ‘positive action on race’ would not be necessary!

He goes on to claim: 'Combating racism and racial inequalities is an issue for all sections of society'. Why? Is it an issue for racists?

‘Of those who have experienced discrimination in the workplace, 83 per cent think that discrimination is far more likely to be linked to skin colour than as a result of gender, name or accent.
‘In spite of this, three quarters of people say that there are good relations between different racial and religious groups, whilst nine out of ten say they like London's cultural diversity, reinforcing previous studies.
‘Three quarters of respondents also believe that equal rights and opportunities for ethnic minorities are better than they were 10 years ago’.

There’s an interesting tension in the above three paragraphs reflecting the fact that racism something people are trying to pretend is a receding issue. Yet those same people still claim that racism is an issue? Either racism is an endemic problem or it isn’t. Yet these statements simultaneously suggest that there is a very real problem while at the same times things are looking up! If you are confused then so am I!

The truth is that our inability to pin down the problem and its extent that enables the problem to remain so institutionalised within the fabric of our culture. So much so, in fact, that is the fundamental basis of our culture.

Are Blacks as racially inferior as far-right fascist groups like the British National Party claim they are given the fatuousness of this piece?


Bad Bill bites the dust

The reason that the UK Health Department doesn’t understand mental-health issues is because they aren’t concerned with them – and have no real reason to learn. They are concerned with the fears of the general public regarding public assault by schizophrenic nobodies under the Ccare in the Ccommunity scheme. Additionally, civil servants and politicians refuse to face the mental health issues of others because they refuse to face their own; hence the racist intent of the formerly proposed legislation.

The essential idea was to pathologise blackness and – coupled with racist immigration controls – to control black mobility; even within the country. This motivation still exists, so blacks still need to be watchful of what will be proposed in the failed bill’s stead.

The proof of this is that: ‘Government figures currently show that African-Caribbean people make up 16% of people in high security psychiatric settings and 30% in medium risk settings. This despite African-Caribbean people constituting less than 3% of the national population’. This means that Afro-Caribbeans are either much more prone to mental illness than whites or, more likely, that white psychiatrists are much more prone to racism than black psychiatrists.

Saturday, 25 March 2006


A university lecturer who claims blacks and women are genetically inferior cannot provide adequate teaching to either and is in the wrong job.

If he really believes such things, why not call for single-gender and single-race teaching? It logically follows that he must also believe that money is being wasted in attempting to educate those who can benefit least from formal education. But he isn’t that consistent – nor that intelligent.

The issue of academic racism also raises the spectre that racism isn’t the product of ignorance. Educated anti-racists would like to believe racism is pure ignorance because it puts them outside the possibility of being labelled racists themselves because they’re educated. However, this is exactly what racists themselves do since they always claim that the ignorant and the ineducable exist in some other, despised group of people to which they most definitely do not belong. This is a clear similarity between racists and anti-racists.

The truth is that racism is a mental illness that no amount of education can ever alleviate.

Alternatively, it could be that White Racists are so genetically inferior that they can’t rise above their sorry genetic state of needing to believe that others are worse-off than they are for non-political or cultural reasons. All the while, rational people know that racism and misogyny are political and cultural artefacts – not genetic. The reason Dr Ellis doesn’t follow-through on any of his beliefs is because he doesn’t want to lose his job and be criminally prosecuted; given that educational establishments in the UK are required to promote rascal equality. He isn’t prepared, therefore, to put his money where his mouth is and is essentially hypocritical.

By claiming a genetic justification for racism, Dr Ellis effectively claims that blacks (& women) are less responsible for their actions than whites. Blacks (& women), therefore, should be less harshly punished when they commit crimes. And yet we find that for similar offences, blacks are more likely to be sent to prison than whites – even though it’s alleged that those same blacks are less liable for their bad behaviour. Why don’t White Racists ever invoke the concept of Diminished Responsibility for poor quality black behaviour even though racists claim that blacks genetically-predisposed to such inferior behaviour? White Racists – as always – are trying to have it both ways. They claim whites can never rise to the lofty heights of the white race, but are still to be judged by the same standards of behaviour! This would be like criminally prosecuting a horse for murder, for throwing its rider, when only human beings can ever held legally responsible for their actions in this way!

Claiming that being a white racist is a matter of free speech is claiming that one has the human right to trample on the human rights of others – in the name of human rights! Dr Ellis is really talking about White Rights over and above Human Rights, since he – at the very least - clearly regards Whites as more human than Blacks. The claim that his human rights are being violated (by disciplinary suspension from his teaching post) is also a means of distracting attention. From the fact that Dr Ellis is nothing more than a mentally-ill white racist who has failed to form his own identity independently of others. Such people always try to exploit the old trick of finding a scapegoat for his lack of character by claiming others lack such backbone and that, in comparison, racists are better than all of their despised groups. Groups they need to despise in order to evade how much they despise themselves and the childhood reasons for such self-loathing.

The same is also true of arguments against political correctness, which are being used to do nothing more than justify White Racism. Although political correctness is as evil as racism, such arguments cannot justify either.

Ultimately, Dr Frank Ellis claims to want racial segregation by having blacks and whites living ‘in their own communities [to] pursue their own agendas’. Nevertheless, he is (genetically?) unable to do this without attacking the groups to which he does not himself belong. This proves that he isn’t pursuing his own white agenda without reference to blacks, but is pursuing the goal of all White Racists: Defining themselves as superior to blacks because White Racists have no other agenda to pursue. Why doesn’t Dr Ellis just get on and pursue his agendas without trying to justify racism and, thereby, attempt to hobble the progress of black in order to self-fulfillingly prove that whites are superior? If whites really are superior, why do they need to express such deep disrespect for blacks? Humans are superior to all of the other animals, but this isn’t a valid excuse for abusing farmyard animals, say. The truth is that White Racists want their racism institutionalised and legalised in order to make it inevitable that whites will come-out on top – regardless of any alleged innate Caucasian abilities.

Racism, thus, fills the gaping hole in the racist psyche where a personality should be.

No-one – least of all White Racists – ever claim their own group inferior: It’s always some other group. No-one who ever talks about social hierarchies ever puts himself at the bottom of the social hierarchy they claim exists. No white racist (like all paedophiles) ever admits that his racism (or paedophilia) is proof of his personal inferiority that it most assuredly is. This proves that racism isn’t an objective projection of superiority onto the world but is a projection of a deep-seated and highly subjective inferiority complex; seeking release through scapegoats.

As always with educated racists who seek scientific validation for their racism, they never actually come out and admit that they actually are racists. Trying to justify racism through (pseudo-)science is an attempt to prove there’s no such thing as racism or, worse, that if there is it’s not ethically wrong.

As always with anti-racist propagandists, they never talk much about the on-campus racists who aren’t foolish enough to reveal what they think about blacks. Is Dr Ellis the tip-of-the-racist-iceberg or are his views widespread? The fear of what the exact answer to this question might be is enough for them to draw a discreet veil over the entire issue of the nature and extent of White Racism.

Blacks should beware that when Dr Ellis is sacked, Whites will use this as an example of their commitment to anti-racism; while declining to answer the point I made in the previous paragraph. This will be one of the reasons anti-racists are the worst racists because need to exploit the doings of overt racists rather than engage in activity proving that they, themselves, have positive attitudes to blacks. This is a great political timesaver, as it doesn’t require any lifelong attempt to change oneself.

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