Friday, 28 July 2006

Trevor, do you qualify?


Ruth Kelly wants Trevor Phillips because he is a White Stooge and will do what Whites want - willingly. He will ensure that the CEHR is completely ineffective – politically - as Whites wish it to be. Mr Phillips is unemployable otherwise.

This proves that working with Whites will only have the effect (which Whites want it to have) of making Blacks the political, cultural & commercial slaves of Whites. Lord Ousely himself is little better. A Black Man accepts a peerage from Whites can’t be all that keen on being Black for he will inevitably be led to feel that he should be a Grateful Nigger for such a dubious honour. That, after all, is the entire purpose of bestowing such honours upon Blacks in the first place.

The only rational way to deal with White Racism is to attack it from without not from within. Spending time with Whites will only taint Blacks with the stink of White Racism since racism is the most infectious mental-illness known to man. If Whites were as keen to lock up White Racists in secure mental-institutions for being the clear-&-present danger they are to others (as Whites are keen to lock up Blacks for being inappropriately Black) then the White Racism problem would never arise as often as it does.

The fact has to be faced – especially by Blacks - is that Trevor Phillips is a racist. He is a racist because he recognises - after working with Whites for an extended period - that Whites will always be racist and that nothing, therefore, can be done effectively about White Racism. His philosophy is therefore, in reality: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Blacks need to realise that Whites aren’t going to invite them onto the high table without Blacks relinquishing claims to equality – the rest will only get the crumbs from this table, if anything. It’s time for Blacks to start going their own way in life and stop being poodles of the Whites – as current UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is poodle of current US President George Bush. Complaining about White Racism is never going to help.

Blacks must take effective action – if They truly wish for true equality - and this doesn’t mean joining the great Whitewashing White Bureaucracy which Blacks, themselves, admit only ever serves White Racist ends. How masochistic can you get?

Friday, 21 July 2006

Too late for the Oldies, says Ms Dynamite


Another Black Moron speaks her Empty Mind: ‘MS DYNAMITE claimed racist oldies are a write-off. It's the younger generations who must be educated’.

The obvious problem here is that these ‘oldies’ are emotionally attached to those “newies” she wishes to educate; that is, indoctrinate in the so-called philosophy of multiculturalism. How are the two generations to be separated? Perhaps the old racist-parents can be separated from their new anti-racist offspring in the passing of laws that enable social workers to take the children of White Racists into care? Alternatively, perhaps a simple crowbar would suffice?

As always, Blacks think They can change the world through political hallucinations like multiculturalism. They fail to see that life is like a relay race in that the older generation always passes on its values to the young: Impressionable minds become, in their turn, impressioning ones. This is why, for example, one tends to vote for the political ideology supported by one’s parents.

It is simply no use declaring the older generation to be write-offs and then hoping – without role models and/or a rational political philosophy – that the younger generation are simply going to adopt the new way of thinking-and-acting automatically. That would be rather too reminiscent of what the Nazis tried to do with Their young through the Hitler Youth. This was also tried in the sixties, and the hippies never changed the world for the better – and they won’t now. As history shows, the same ‘oldies’ Ms Blow Up claims are a write-off - in the absence of anything better or nearer - will influence the young.

Only the dead or the moribund are ever written off – the rest effect and affect their influence as Ms Blast attempts to do here. She may be ‘multi-award winning’ but obviously not for her brains nor her acceptance of the basic facts of objective reality. Like all megalomaniacs – the kind of characters actor Kevin Spacey specialises in, for example – she wants the world refashioned in her own image; the image of her own self-delusions, self-hypnosis and self-willed political somnambulism.

The truth is that this obsessive focus upon the future via the young of today is simply our way of avoiding the present. Particularly the present of whom we are ourselves. We thus tacitly admit that we cannot change ourselves and so our children must undertake this very necessary work for us – in our stead and by proxy – to make for our own deficiencies in this regard. They are to do what we ourselves have not the courage to do because we are cowards.

No wonder teenagers wonder why they should bother trying to be better than their parents when their parents are trying to live thorough their children! Such parents and such teachers are parasites!

How will our children achieve what we have failed to achieve if we have failed to achieve it? How will we be able to teach them to play pianos if we, ourselves, have not the first idea of scales? The teachers never tell us this, which is why most teachers can only teach (fuck all) while those who cannot teach do!

‘Many of the older generation were stuck in their ignorant ways and would not lose their racist attitudes, she said’. Exactly the same could be said for the experientially obtuse, ahistorically vapid and ignorant-of-reality stupidities of anti-racists like Ms Dynamite. What – exactly – is the difference between claiming that racists are leopards that never change their spots; and, White Racists claiming that Blacks are all the same and equally inferior to Whites? To claim that a whole class of people cannot change (because of how the person making the claim defines that class) is simply racism by another name. In this case, it is also the worst kind of ageism.

In truth, this line of pseudo-reasoning undermines the entire concept of anti-racism, as such, since if those who fit into the Racist class cannot change, then what hope has anti-racism got of achieving anything at all?

Oh boy and there’s worse: ‘[Ms Dynamite] said racism would be defeated by the young generations, but for their parents and grandparents it was “too late”’. This is the most ethically-disgusting trash Frank TALKER has read for years. A pathetic attempt to turn White Kids against Their White Parents simply for being White. This will lead to a lot of work for Black Psychiatrists in Their vain attempts to unpick why Whites are so racially screwed-up.

Imagine the outrage; picture the uproar if Whites declared that those Afro-Caribbean kids who are the offspring of welfare-dependent babyfathers should renounce their parents baleful influence and... Well, and what? Ms Explode offers no political follow-through here and simply offers a prescription for the complete undermining of White Culture. This would not be such a bad thing but two issues at least have to be faced. One, if Whites aren’t happy about this there will be a nasty, racist backlash; and, two, one should be honest that one is attempting to do just that - undermine. Frank TALKER is honest about his attempts to demoralise White Culture – by telling the truth about it, to it – and he hasn’t suffered any negative backlash. This is because he has learned to protect himself against such things – because he knows from experience what Whites are really like, underneath, when They think nobody’s looking. If Whites complain, Frank TALKER simply says that he was honest about his motives so Whites should’ve been more observant – as one is required to be when crossing the road, for example.

If White Kids do reject their antecedents where will They go – culturally - apart from the psychiatrists chair? It’s for certain that they won’t become Token Blacks to assuage the negative attitudes of Niggers With Attitude like Ms Detonate. After all, when Whites adopt Black Lifestyles, mannerisms and dress codes it is, for Them, merely a form of slumming among Their alleged inferiors.

‘I'm not here to tell those who are already ignorant and riddled with insecurity and self-hate to change their ways because, if I'm honest, I feel that for most of those that came before us it's already too late’. Who is ‘riddled with insecurity and self-hate’ – the speaker or their subject? ‘The star [told] the assembly: “It takes a very weak and ignorant person to generalise a whole entire people”. Does this proof of weakness and ignorance also include generalising a ‘whole entire’ age group?

‘She told Blink: 'At the end of the day I don't really feel [too much feeling, not enough thinking], especially in London, that we really have any excuse to be racist. We can't say "well, I haven't grown up around black, Asian", or whatever’. This proves Ms Wreck’s own ignorance of the nature of racism.

Racism is not the product of ignorance – as she points out in the pervious paragraph – but of self-hate. Therefore, the number of Blacks you know – or do not know - does not determine your racism or otherwise. Not only is she inconsistent here, but she also falls into the racist trap of thinking that because someone appears different, they are different and that therefore only first-hand experience with those you label different will remove this belief. Blacks and Whites have been intermingling for centuries – as proven by the number of half-caste children alive today – and nobody can demonstrate any lessening of racism in the world.

What Ms Destroy and her ilk never realise is that it’s the belief that someone is different which is the problem – not the talking with someone one has labelled different. It is the insecure need to categorise that causes problems, and the false categories this creates, not experience of difference. It is easy, after all, for anyone to understand a member of another race by the simple expedient of understanding oneself since, in essence, all human beings are identical. Even Blacks don’t understand this, obviously.

If there’s anything worse than a White Liberal Do-Gooder, it's a Black Redneck Bimbo. If Blacks really want to succeed, they should stop obsessing about White Racists and start focusing on the habits of industriousness, thriftiness, family solidarity and reverence for education. These play a far greater role in the success (or otherwise) of ethnic minorities than do civil-rights laws or majority prejudices.

My Plan to Save Birmingham


My plan to save Birmingham - by David Cameron


It always makes your Uncle Frank laugh out loud when Whites try to pass themselves off as sages.

Whites love to do this when blacks are attacking each other because They can use such racial disturbances to take the necessary attention away from Their own White Racism. This is proven by the fact that when Whites are being racist toward Blacks, no White ever comes forward with His prescription for racial harmony. Instead, Blacks are blamed for the racism They experience, for not integrating sufficiently, for being poor role-models, et al.

Of course, Whites aren’t going to prescribe solutions to the racial problems They create, otherwise there would’ve been no point in creating the problem in the first place.

‘He told Blink his plan to pump cash into grassroots social enterprises would end the exclusion felt by the city’s African-Caribbean population’.

Two problems here:
1. Giving money to anyone never solved a single human problem during the entire course of world history. You only have to look at the poor in receipt of social welfare around the world to see that this is obvious. (This is because the people who claim to help the poor secretly hate the poor. But that’s another story.) The only solution is for Whites to renounce the racism that They intend to use as a means of preventing Blacks from establishing successful businesses. But then Whites would have to engage in open competition with Blacks and might show Themselves up by not being as successfully capitalistic. This would be akin to allowing a woman to enter a men’s snooker club only to find that she beat the men. The men would find this embarrassing and so would move heaven and earth to avoid it;
2. Whites use the word ‘felt’ as if They were talking about hallucinations. In other words, that Blacks don’t actually experience racism, they simply imagine it.

'Cameron told Blink that he would dish out "severe" punishments to any party member, including MPs, who make racist comments'. Yes, but what about those racists who don't make racist comments?

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Stereotypes Are A Real Time-Saver


This proves Whites are too busy being racist to be anything else.

It also proves that the best way to avoid the worst effects of stereotyping is to stop behaving like a stereotype oneself. Because then, and only then, can others have no earthly excuse for stereotyping you.

Problem is, of course, it can be hard to avoid becoming a living stereotype oneself if one lacks the necessary personality, character and backbone required to actually be the necessary individual.

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