Monday, 30 October 2006

Archetypally White

Americans have become enemies of much of the world.

Americans have destroyed the global climate, caused harm to food supplies, sneered at freedom and democracy, bullied smaller countries and taken sides in disputes that did not concern them. There are bound to be many who are aggrieved.

When the Americans attacked Iraq in the Gulf War of 1990, they deliberately bombed the country's water supplies. Then, after the so called end of that war, the United States of America helped ensure that new water purification systems could not be imported into Iraq.

Thousands of Iraqis died: The United Nations estimates over a million, half of whom were children, died because of these sanctions directly resulting from unclean water. Bacteria develop in unpurified water, epidemics occur the manufacture of safe medicine is compromised and food supplies are affected. This, despite the fact that civilian infrastructures are essential for health and welfare and their destruction a violation of the Geneva Convention.

None of this has helped improve the image of America in the Arab world.

America has done more to damage freedom than any other nation in history. And America can never win against terrorists because there are more terrorists prepared to risk their lives in killing Americans than there are Americans willing to risk their lives in killing terrorists.

You cannot destroy terrorism unless you also destroy freedom. This is because you also have to destroy yourself in the process; as being the worst terrorist causing the terrorism being visited upon you in retaliatory response. The war on terrorism is in reality a war on freedom. It enables politicians to suppress dissidents and political opponents. This is the same as saying: "That's a nice (freedom) vase you've got there. I'll smash it for you so that no one can damage it". Such a war also allows Whites to wage a racist war on Muslims since Whites fear that Their cultures are being Islamified.

America is the most imperialistic and colonial power since Rome. They have seized countries and bits of countries when it has suited them. Florida, Cuba and the Philippines from the Spanish; Texas and California from the Mexicans; and, the United States itself from the Native Americans. Americans have also interfered in the internal workings of countless nations around the world.

Americans helped keep the civil war going in Ireland (by funding and appeasing Sinn Fein) and they have caused chaos in Serbia and Kosovo.

A yearning for freedom that Americans pretend to possess caused the 11/9 attacks on the USA. Yet, terrorists have a much clearer definition of freedom than Americans do. When Americans talk of defending freedom and democracy, the smell is nauseating, sanctimonious and hypocritical.

The terrorist attack on America in 2001 was well organised and extremely effective. In contrast, the American response has been vindictive, vengeful and an indiscriminate shambles.

Americans believe that everything can be solved by violence. Locally, they deal with problems by shooting one another. Internationally, by starting wars.

Although Americans are bullies at heart, they're neither good at wars nor very useful in a crisis. The fact that America has established various concentration camps around the globe proves that Americans are simple, racist, primitive people who have not yet, as a nation, earned the right to describe themselves as civilised. No country can call itself civilised when it treats captured prisoners to torture, starvation and brainwashing. The means and the end must be in harmony or the ends won't be achieved. The arrogance, conceit, racism and blindness to the needs, hopes, aspirations, expectations and rights of the rest of the world will create for Americans an isolated and fearful future.

Friday, 27 October 2006

Fraud, mismanagement and waste


This is the real reason the UK should leave the European Union as-soon-as-possible. The problem with unelected bureaucrats spending other-people's-money is that it doesn't feel like a loss to those that spend it; it effectively grows-on-trees.

The UK should adopt the old American Colonies' rallying cry of no taxation (in this case Value-Added Tax) without representation!

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Something for Nothing


I couldn't've put it better myself! Gary North reminds me of myself, so he must be a genius!

Although true - generally - this article is also very relevant to the White Race's needy and dependent attitude toward Blacks. It explains Whites' degenerate desire to achieve political and cultural goals through exploiting Blacks.

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Greater demonisation of Muslims


Clearly this headline is irrational - in the light of actual experience of objective reality - since, if true, it would mean that the White Hatred of Muslims was caused more by 'Woolas comments' than pre-existing White Racism. Woolas would then be leading-the-pack rather than following it - for personal political advantage. Yet this the author admits by referring to Woolas as engaging in an 'opportunistic intervention'!

This writer is confused as to the basic issue of cause-and-effect, here, and merely wishes to make an 'opportunistic intervention' of his own by slagging-off a White Racist. Not that that's a bad thing, but if it's the only thing you do, you will achieve very little.

'The 1990 Trust are today calling for a code of conduct on dealing with "Muslim issues" to halt the overly-simplistic approach… contributing to the demonisation of all Muslims'. This statement is so irresponsibly naive that I hardly know where to begin in castigating it. More Muslims will be killed if any of Them EVER believe that Whites will EVER abide by a code-of-conduct pertaining to any peoples that Whites consider inferior. Whites have NEVER done any such thing in the past, why would They start now?

'Politicians have a responsibility not to worsen race relations for political gain, and every party must have a duty crack down on Islamophobia within their ranks'. Problem is of course that to do any of these things politicians must first, in a democracy, get elected. This means doing precisely the things mentioned in this quote in order to obtain the popular support to achieve that end. Does the writer of this claptrap not live in the same world as you and I? I think not! Or does he secretly not believe in the democratic process; favouring perhaps the totalitarian desire to control Whites by force?

'In the current climate, Muslims are very much under attack...Why is there so much emphasis on what they wear?' For the same reason that we're obsessed with what homosexuals do to (& with) each other in private: We want to know precisely what makes them different from us and, thus, precisely what we can use as weapons against them in our desperate fear that the difference might mean that our way of doing things was somehow inferior to theirs. In other words, we fear that the differences are not equal or equally-valued, but demonstrative of actual cultural inferiority regarding certain aspects of each respective culture. This raises the worrying possibility that our culture is actually inferior to theirs – God forbid! If, for example, homosexuals are having more fun in bed than us superior heterosexuals, then maybe there's something to being gay after all?!

'Woolas’s comments are incredible given his role in talking to Muslim groups as part of the Commission for Integration and Cohesion roundtables around the country'. On the contrary. His comments are completely explicable in this context since the whole point of this Commission is to present Darkies with a stark choice: Be like us or fuck off! Does this writer truly not know this?

'The 1990 Trust believes that politicians are steering the debate towards the view that diversity is only valued in direct proportion to how similar you are to a white British norm'. I wonder how long it took the morons at The 1990 Trust to figure that one out?! Of course, everything Whites do is based on the implicit assumption that They are the norm around which Everyone else rotates and against which Everyone else is to be judged. Much like the medieval Catholic Church believing that the earth was the centre of the universe with the church at the centre of the earth. This is the basic racist principle against which The 1990 Trust pretends to be fighting and yet can't see the wood for the trees to see this clearly!

'The "superiority psyche" [really an “inferiority psyche” which Blacks could so easily exploit if They had the sense They were born with] allows politicians to shift the debate from developing policies which challenge institutional and personal racism in society'. White politicians will never develop such policies because that would mean an end to White Society, as it is currently constituted. Why would any White destroy his own culture in exchange for an uncertain future? Would a Black do this if the positions were reversed? Of course not!

Foreign policy to blame


'...[T]here is almost no support for terrorism amongst the Muslim community'. Of course, there's no way of telling how truthful respondents to such surveys have been and, therefore, no way of telling the value of such surveys. This is because of that well-known social phenomenon when dealing with unpleasantness: "Well, they would say that wouldn't they?"

'Many mainstream polls have shown higher rates of support for extremism... The difference is explained by the way questions are phrased'. This is true but still doesn't address the fundamental fact mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as the fact that surveys are commissioned precisely as an attempt to prove pre-existing prejudices. You can bet your bottom dollar that The 1990 Trust would be reporting differently on this survey if it had concluded that Muslims secretly-harbour terroristic thoughts.

'The 1990 Trust survey believes that British Muslims have tried very hard to integrate into society, but daily media attacks - such as controversy surrounding the Niqab veil - have increased feelings of isolation'. As always with The 1990 Trust, They claim that Blacks are trying hard to integrate into a racist society that They acknowledge as racist! This means they accept that racial integration is a form of political (self-inflicted racist) masochism. If so, then why engage in it? They surely can't be so lonely as to want to be on friendly terms with racists, can they?

Because Whites are very unlikely to believe the results of this survey, for the reasons above, it's very hard to know what The 1990 Trust believes it can achieve with it, save Their desperate hope that Whites will one day learn to accept Muslims as equals - some hope!

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Media blasted for blind eye to white terrorism

It's very hard to see the point of this article – save as an expression of Profound Black Imbecilic Naivety. At no point is there any explanation as to why Blacks think Whites would report news in a racially equal way given Whites' institutional racism.

It's sheerest hypocrisy to criticise the White Media for doing the very things that the Black Media refuse to do – be honest about their racist hypocrisy.

The 1990 Trust is all about trying to get Whites to change their spots and become better people. It engages in this pointless task because the Blacks who run it lack the courage to think of themselves being successful in a racist country without White help. The 1990 Trust never explains precisely how this idiotic goal is to be achieved.

The real, unstated goal of the Trust is to sell-out the vast majority of Their own race for lucrative political careers criticising Whites for their racism while simultaneously, They hope, as a direct result of this, being able to conceal Their own. The proof of this is contained in the previous paragraph.

We've seen exactly the same thing when the more intelligent members of the lower-class claim to represent their own, for example, and become shop stewards and trades' union officials. In the end, these are being paid-off to commit class-treason as the more intelligent and more unethical members of the Black Community commit race-treason. As lower-class whites "made good" condemn the class from whence they came, Blacks accepted by Whites ritually slag-off Their own and claim that Whites aren't as racist as claimed. Both groups have to do so or they won't be accepted by those who pretend to relax the rules of entry to White Culture.

And, in the end, it's acceptance that's sought-after here, not a genuine change in the culture. Whites are effectively given permission by Blacks-sucking-up-to-Whites to continue to be racist. After all, expecting Blacks to suck-up to Whites is just another form of racism that Blacks are only too willing to engage in, in Their desperate and despairing inferiority complex.

When Frank TALKER sees The 1990 Trust talk honestly about its own racist 'double standards' then He'll've seen the promised land of racial tolerance and civility. This He knows full well is impossible given the fact that no White has ever come clean about His hypocrisy in print. Therefore, there can be very little likelihood of Blacks doing likewise – especially given that Blacks are most keen to mimic the Whites They secretly worship and while claiming that They are just as good as Whites; meaning just as bad.

Why don't Blacks explicitly claim to be better than Whites as this article implicitly claims? Why are Blacks just as dishonest as they claim Whites are?

The problem for Whites here is how to continue to be racist undercover of political correctness. The problem for Blacks is how to claim racial superiority over White Racist Hypocrisy while demanding equality. If Blacks want equality with Whites then They'll have to be just as hypocritical, surely! Which this article proves They already are. If Blacks do nothing but condemn Whites for Their racism then They are effectively claiming to be superior to Whites – how racist is that?

It's hypocritical for Blacks to condemn White Racist hypocrisy while never condemning Their own.

New race study shows the state of Black Britain

'Audrey Adams, human rights officer for The 1990 Trust and author of the 2006 Race Audit, found that race discrimination was as rife as ever despite the best efforts of Black communities to integrate.'

The statement above is symptomatic of the schizophrenia of Blacks. Why do They strive to make Their 'best efforts' to integrate with Whites when even They admit that Whites are institutionally racist? Are these Professional Niggers masochists, or what?

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