Hints & Tips


Apothegms ‘R’ Us™

  1. “Your culture is your immune system” - Marimba Ani
  2. “We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.” - B W Powell
  3. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history” - George Orwell
  4. “The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” - Steve Biko
  5. “The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.” - Marie-Henri Beyle
  6. People obsessed with Life-After-Death are not much obsessed with it before.
  7. The actor’s only audience is always himself;
  8. Those who demand sacrifices of others never demand it of themselves;
  9. Those who seek (absolute) power are already (absolutely) corrupt;
  10. Whites who wish to be great never bother to be good;
  11. Premature ejaculation is Feminist propaganda;
  12. Power is only an aphrodisiac for sexual perverts;
  13. Men who focus on attributes are trying to evade a lack of achievements;
  14. Whites want for themselves what they cannot share because they do not know how to share;
  15. Violence is repressed, shame-ridden sexuality; aggression, of self-respect;
  16. White science has progressed beyond the poor abilities of science to deal, ethically, with science;
  17. White science lends credence to the idea that separating thought from feeling is ethically justified;
  18. Whites dissociated from their emotions is the ultimate world problem; explaining their universal obsession with conflict;
  19. No man ever renounces power voluntarily - so never let them have any;
  20. Whites want their art to be realistic to compensate for their lives being so unreal;
  21. Those who claim things can be changed from within try to blame the victims for their oppression;
  22. Changing things from within is futile since you have to deal with your oppressors as equals;
  23. White women tell you what to do; Black, what they want;
  24. History is a tale of ethical compromise with those who threaten physical force;
  25. Those who say they are not, are; those who say they are, aren’t;
  26. Whites hold grudges forever because they have nothing else to hold;
  27. White politics is about power not healthy social relationships - to better suit the power-hungry;
    Would you rather be born a rich Black or a poor White?
  29. The only way to keep a secret is to keep your mouth shut;
  30. The only way to know if you are being lied to is to know the truth yourself;
  31. Whites want life to be more complicated than it really is because they are bored;
  32. Do-gooders are only concerned with labeling others as victims and themselves as saviors;
  33. The poor think money buys things; the rich know it buys time;
  34. A man who believes lightning never strikes twice has learned from his mistakes;
  35. You cannot prove a negative - so prove a positive, instead;
  36. Those who cannot stand on their own two feet will always want to stand on yours;
  37. The only good White supremacist is a dead one;
  38. The only good rapist is a dead one;
  39. The only good pedophile is a dead one;
  40. A woman can say ‘No’ to a man - but a man cannot say this to a woman;
  41. Because no-one renounces a personal advantage, equality is impossible;
  42. Tyrants exist because we want them to - they reflect us and are our Frankenstein;
  43. Only failures think life unfair in order to exonerate them for their lack of success;
  44. People laugh at their own jokes because they’re not funny people;
  45. Better to understand the world than to change it - there is no other way to survive;
  46. If you ask anyone to what the world should be changed, the answer will always be to one that reflects themselves;
  47. Before you try to change the world you must understand it first or you may end up changing what does not need changing;
  48. Fighting to the last man is the politician’s despair at his own failure;
  49. Those who wish to steal your liberty always claim there is no such thing as freedom;
  50. Slaves are freer than slave-masters - the latter lives in perpetual fear of slave revolts;
  51. Human history comes down to the war between the individual and the collective;
  52. The only reliable guide to the future is a sound knowledge of human nature - the past is not a guide at all;
  53. Whites think civilization is the repression of emotions; Blacks, the expression;
  54. Anyone who tells you that an activity makes others friendly is lonely;
  55. Anyone who tells you an activity is empowering never tells you how it empowers;
  56. Whites hate it if you lie and hate it if you tell the truth;
  57. War is the necessary release from the pressure-cooker of peace;
  58. Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggles and it will only perish through eternal peace;
    Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), German dictator. Mein Kampf, volume one, chapter four (1925);
  59. No-one is indispensable to others - you can only be so to yourself;
  60. No matter how indispensable you are, there is always someone more indispensable;
  61. Men & Women can’t be friends because their differing biologies give them differing perceptions, conceptions and, therefore, differing values;
  62. The cause of war - as of everything else - is choice;
  63. All media are propaganda;
  64. When Whites consider an action they ask themselves: ‘Does this affect me negatively?’ With Blacks, they ask: ‘Is it right?’
  65. People who plan ahead are uncertain of the future;
  66. You should always kick a dog when it is down because you never know when it will get back up again to bite you on the arse. (All wars entail the complete destruction of one’s enemy; otherwise war will be a permanent state of reciprocal revenge-seeking, broken-up by regular periods of war-weary peace.)
  67. When a man claims an issue complex, this does not reflect his understanding of it, but his lack of same. (Plus his desire to evade a solution.)
  68. Eighty percent of writing is editing;
  69. Whiners want others to solve their problems;
  70. When a man complains of others' bad manners, it’s his own craven acceptance of them that he’s really complaining about;
  71. If you only judge others by your own standards, you only ever see your own reflection;
  72. A rule-breaker is really a paradigm for the rule - a rule-maker;
  73. Refusing to ask an obvious question is fear of the obvious answer;
  74. All attempts to suppress basic human nature lead to a loss of basic humanity;
  75. All that how-to books can do is to reassure their readers of their pre-existing opinions so that they can then continue to act like they have always acted anyway;
  76. Men who claim there is no justice are trying to conceal their lack of it;
  77. You can be jealous of someone and not love them, but you cannot love someone and not be jealous;
  78. You can like someone and not respect them as easily as you can respect someone and not like them;
  79. Racial integration is White propaganda;
  80. Civilization is the setting free of man from men;
  81. Justice is the act of recognizing that which objectively exists;
  82. Making generalities about others is an attempt to avoid specifics about oneself;
  83. People wanting to change society require one that pays more attention to them so that they then do not have to transform into more attractive people;
  84. Men who refuse to earn respect through personal achievement try to generate fear;
  85. Bad pornography expresses thwarted desire; good expresses satisfied;
  86. Thinking only about yourself is a substitute for actually having a self;
  87. Men who do not know what women want, do not possess what women want;
  88. The examined life is not worth living;
  89. The unexamined wife is not worth loving;
  90. Experience is the guide to life not statistics;
  91. Women should never ask for sex as a refusal often offends;
  92. History teaches one thing: Saying anything is possible;
  93. The meek shall inherit fuck all;
  94. All Whites want to be the same;
  95. Whites always stick together especially when they are in the wrong because they do not want anyone to know they’re imperfect;
  96. Whites cannot be trusted;
  97. Whites fear Blacks because of what Whites have done to Blacks: They fear the revenge of becoming as politically irrelevant as South African Whites became after Apartheid;
  98. Grown-ups possess choices; children, needs;
  99. Privacy is for those who have got something worth hiding;
  100. A personal life is nothing to be ashamed of;
  101. The good news for fat people is that thin people are delicious;
  102. Games of skill teach children politics; games of chance nothing;
  103. Cowards are people who do nothing but complain about being bullied;
  104. Esthetic explicitness is a formalistic substitute for content & meaning;
  105. What you feel for others is always also what you feel for yourself;
  106. White men are not; Black men are;
  107. The entire purpose of political correctness is to make any talk about isms always potentially istist - in a vain attempt to repress all istist talk (& hopefully action) by making istist thought impossible;
  108. Charity is bestowed not shared;
  109. Charity is given by the worthless to the unworthy;
  110. Only absolute fools believe they possess absolute power;
  111. Because equality means treating different people differently it is impossible without discrimination;
  112. Objective law does not restrict individual freedom, it defines it;
  113. When a White does good, it was his choice; when bad, he couldn’t help it;
  114. An open mind is an empty mind - ready to accept all nonsense as equally valid;
  115. Science is all about the discovery of that which you already believe;
  116. So long as there is division of the means-of-production among many people acting independently nobody can possess complete power;
  117. Once government plans the economy, it can’t refuse responsibility for anyone’s fate;
  118. There is no such thing as peace - life is permanent war;
  119. It is easier to fool yourself than someone else;
  120. Cynics are people who refuse to grow up;
  121. Independence of mind and strength of character are never found among those lacking the confidence to make their own way by their own effort;
  122. Demands for economic security threaten liberty since they never teach self-reliance;
  123. Most Whites claim to be free, but never do what they want without asking permission first - so they can then blame that person if things go wrong;
  124. Men always fall for frigid women because they put on the best show.
    Fanny Brice (1891-1951), US entertainer. Quoted in: Ben Hecht, A Child of the Century, book five, "Don Juan in Hollywood" (1954). Hecht added, "Don Juan is apt to prefer the hullaballoo of spurious passion to the simpler noises of honest sex."
  125. If you spend all your time searching for a meaning to life, you’ll waste the opportunity of finding one;
  126. If you spend all your time searching for happiness outside of yourself, you will never find it;
  127. If prices & wages are fixed, employment and production fluctuates; if employment & production are fixed, prices & wages fluctuate;
  128. Safety & freedom are enemies;
  129. A man who needs something from you cannot provide it for himself;
  130. Breasts are like rabbits: Soft and yearning to be touched, but running away if you just grab at them;
  131. Conflicts are never resolved they are merely postponed;
  132. Love is a response to positive, productive values;
  133. Resentment is having more ambition than talent;
  134. Men who say women are frigid, to explain sexual failure, lack the manly qualities women desire;
  135. Belief in god is a substitute for belief in oneself;
  136. Those demotivated by stress are inadequate to the task causing the stress;
  137. Whites are like tabloids: What they do not know, they make up;
  138. Trying to make others look bad is a poor substitute for making yourself look good;
  139. Relying on stereotypes to judge others proves an inability to judge one’s self;
  140. If you are not happy before you marry, you will not be happy after;
  141. The amount of make-up is always in inverse proportion to the depth-of-character;
  142. Children have needs; adults have choices;
  143. Wars are caused by nothing more than resentment caused by wars;
  144. No-one ever renounces an attitude contingent upon a material benefit;
  145. Gambling is only ethically-wrong if the money you win is misused or the money you lose was for a more important purpose;
  146. All political ideas are self-fulfilling;
  147. No Black can ever trust anyone who has not been called: 'Nigger';
  148. Where desire is greater than talent, frustration is inevitable;
  149. Freedom means responsibility - this explains its unpopularity;
  150. When the sun shines, Whites claim a successful multiculture; when it rains: Fuck you, Nigger!
  151. The man who would sell his liberty for safety deserves neither;
  152. The only reason anyone wants to predict behavior is to control it;
  153. Those who believe human behavior can be controlled do not understand human nature;
  154. Nobody needs what they already have;
  155. Anyone claiming universal values claims only that his values are universal;
  156. A man of self-respect does not stay where he is not wanted - if he has no right to be there;
  157. Only the smartest can see the most obvious;
  158. Whites define everything in terms of their resentment and their unhappiness;
  159. A man with no friends is his own worst enemy;
  160. Democracy is always a smokescreen for oligarchy;
  161. Whites hate their own children because they are reminded of the courage they lost;
  162. Only boring people get bored;
  163. Only lonely people think life is a popularity contest;
  164. Neither a follower nor a leader be;
  165. A man unwilling to fight for his human rights does not deserve them;
  166. If you do not believe those poorer than you by birth are your equals, then you are not equal to those poorer than you by birth;
  167. Bosses aren’t arseholes because they are bosses, they’re bosses because they’re arseholes;
  168. State education’s sole purpose is to prevent learning;
  169. Work is self-discovery; our personhood is only realized in productive work;
  170. The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. - Edmund BURKE
  171. Only lazy people find work difficult;
  172. Multiculturalism is Whites’ attempt to make Blacks feel guilty about White supremacism;
  173. Whites want to change the world because they lack the courage to change themselves;
  174. “Conscientious individuals - those who are efficient, organized, and thorough - may be better able to successfully complete work tasks in less time so that they are less preoccupied with work while at home and vice versa”
  175. Whites are scared of life that’s why they lash out at others;
  176. Those who do not choose their friends are desperate for company;
  177. No man can protect any other man from himself;
  178. White men need Viagra precisely because Black men do not;
  179. Children have needs; adults have choices;
  180. The difference between a male adult and a man is that a man confronts his problems directly;
  181. All that keeps Whites warm in bed at night is their burning hatred of life;
  182. Whites cannot tell the difference between sexual intercourse and masturbation;
  183. Neither a follower nor a leader be;
  184. The only objective way to judge others is to judge them by their standards and not yours;
  185. If you cannot put yourself in someone else’s shoes you will never be fully human;
  186. The difference between an adult and a child is that an adult defines himself in terms of his abilities, achievements, education & intelligence; a child defines himself in terms of others;
  187. So long as Whites gain advantage from White supremacism they will always be White supremacist;
  188. Only boring people get bored;
  189. White’s basic problem is the desire to have no concern for consequences. This is why they subdivide themselves, each other & objects into classifications;
  190. White feminists invented the concept of sexual foreplay as a compensation for the fact that the White men they sleep with offer them little pleasure through penetration - anal, oral or vaginal;
  191. Those who can come and go without suspicion are always the most suspicious;
  192. If you do not know when you have lost the war, you’ll always lose;
  193. The nastiest wars are always fought for the smallest stakes;
  194. You can’t lose what you never had;
  195. No man will ever solve a problem he believes does not exist;
  196. The desire for psychoanalysis is a form of mental illness itself;
  197. If you do not know who you are, you’ll never know who anybody else is;
  198. The charitable seek the love they pretend to give;
  199. Society has no corporeal existence - it is a White delusion designed to enslave those stupid enough to believe it;
  200. If you cannot define an attitude, then you cannot know whether you possess it;
  201. Gynophobia is the theory; misogyny the practice;
  202. If a man claims you are selfish it is because he wants you to sacrifice yourself for him; that is, it takes one to know one;
  203. Do not seek praise; seek criticism - you are more likely to get the truth that way;
  204. If you are involved in something that goes wrong blame no one but yourself - there are no excuses;
  205. Everything is politics;
  206. Failure is a precondition of success;
  207. The problem with the past is that it is out-of-date - what you can learn from it is limited;
  208. People who take no risks are simply trying to preserve the little that they have;
  209. How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you;
  210. The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused;
  211. The difference between intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence has limits;
  212. People will sacrifice liberty in the interests of personal security so long as it is somebody else’s liberty;
  213. People always reveal their true selves under pressure;
  214. Feeling strongly about something is a substitute for clear thought;
  215. Those expecting perfection of others are always the least perfect;
  216. Racial integration is neurosis of those lacking a cultural identity;
  217. Xenophobes have no sense of who they are so try to define themselves in terms of others - especially those they do not like;
  218. Worrying about what others think makes you their slave not your own master;
  219. Lies only benefit the liar;
  220. The only unimprovable thing is perfection;
  221. Any man who claims his behavior is the result of someone else’s is the slave of men;
  222. All seduction is desired - it is never an excuse for poor judgment;
  223. Only help those who can help themselves; otherwise they will never learn to do it themselves and you will then be helping them all their lives;
  224. The only clever thing an idiot ever does is make it almost impossible for an intelligent person to figure out why the idiot is so idiotic;
  225. The closest we could get to utopia would be a world without utopian idealists;
  226. All negotiation is merely the failure of force;
  227. Every idea is a simplification;
  228. All guilt is deserved;
  229. There is no such thing as the common good;
  230. The only guarantee of loneliness is fear of it;
  231. In order to cure a problem, one must have an accurate diagnosis. In order to correctly diagnose a problem, one must consider and take into account all visible symptoms;
  232. Those searching for a group identity (something to belong to) do so because they have no individual identity;
  233. Only lonely people want power over others;
  234. School is work without wages;
  235. Do not read history; make it;
  236. Never go along just to get along;
  237. Finding work is worse than looking for it;
  238. Those who hold that ideas can be destroyed will be destroyed by that idea;
  239. The best armor is staying out of gunshot;
  240. Those who wish to change the world merely wish to make everyone as miserable as they are;
  241. Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for;
  242. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns;
  243. The worst things in life are free;
  244. A man who does not value himself cannot be respected;
  245. The difference between sex-for-money and sex-for-free is that sex-for-money costs less;
  246. Prostitution means falling into a woman’s arms without falling into her hands;
  247. Sex is the most wholesome, spiritual & natural thing money can buy;
  248. Communication is like a mini-skirt: It gets most attention if short, tight & clear;
  249. Nobody censors speech they agree with;
  250. The White middle-class is the single biggest impediment to justice in the world;
  251. God is not a Socialist; if he were he would have made everything equal;
  252. Tolerance is the virtue of men without convictions;
  253. Poverty is not the result of the success of those who produce wealth but the simple failure to produce wealth in the first place;
  254. Alleviating poverty by seizing wealth from capitalists means they will produce less to the extent they are deprived of the means of achieving;
  255. Government policies to alleviate poverty are nothing more than the prohibition of wealth production;
  256. The Minimum Wage creates no demand for labour and no supply of products bought: It is a fetter keeping the poor impecunious; leading them to demand a higher Minimum Wage as result - increasing their poverty;
  257. Government is the largest obstacle to the progress of civilization;
  258. Parents can tell but never teach/unless they practice what they preach;
  259. When the student is ready, the teacher appears;
  260. Experience without theory is blind; theory without experience, mere intellectual play;
  261. A courtyard common to all will be swept by none. (Chinese Proverb)
  262. A dog is wiser than a woman; it does not bark at its master. (Russian Proverb)
  263. A drowning man is not troubled by rain. (Persian Proverb)
  264. A forest is in an acorn. (Proverb of Unknown Origin)
  265. A friend’s eye is a good mirror. (Irish Proverb)
  266. A lock is better than suspicion. (Irish Proverb)
  267. A man is not honest simply because he never had a chance to steal. (Yiddish Proverb)
  268. A man should live if only to satisfy his curiosity. (Yiddish Proverb)
  269. A new broom sweeps clean, but the old brush knows all the corners. (Irish Proverb)
  270. A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. (Greek Proverb)
  271. A teacher is better than two books. (German Proverb)
  272. A thief believes everybody steals. (Proverb of Unknown Origin)
  273. A trade not properly learned is an enemy. (Irish Proverb)
  274. “Medicine doesn’t get to the root of the trouble. It only conceals it. The result is a more highly poisoned condition which may become chronic disease. All drugs are harmful to the system. They are contrary to nature... Mark my words. There is no way to health except the natural way.” (“M,” to James Bond 007, in Thunderball.)
  275. “To escape criticism - do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” (Elbert HUBBARD)
  276. “Endurance is frequently a form of indecision.” (Princess Elizabeth BIBESCO)
  277. “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” (Eric HOFFER)
  278. “As a matter of fact” is an expression that precedes many an expression that is not;
  279. ‘Tis better that a man’s own works, rather than another man’s words, should praise him;
  280. A Smith & Wesson beats four aces;
  281. If somebody told me I had only one hour to live I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow.
    Miles DAVIS
  282. Why look for conspiracy when stupidity can explain so much?
  283. Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.
    Red Buttons
  284. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.
  285. Any institution in which the best interests of the institution are at odds with the best interests of its members should be abolished by those members;
  286. The insecure demand certainty; the secure, meaning;
  287. Government economic-planning is popular with the feckless because the latter need take no responsibility for their economic failings;
  288. People are frightened of life’s pains because they are incapable of experiencing its pleasures;
  289. The best way to forget something is to commemorate it;
  290. All literature is consolation;
  291. The chief enemy of culture is state education;
  292. It is easier to be cleverer than most people because most people are not clever;
  293. Empty bollocks are happy bollocks;
  294. Whites treat their children like dogs and their dogs like children;
  295. Life is not about sex; sex is about life;
  296. Those who wish to understand you wish to control you;
  297. Whites are always whining about something;
  298. Facts alone are not the whole truth;
  299. Free gifts are always the most expensive;
  300. No-one is so rich that they can afford to give away their money;
  301. Those who claim facts speak for themselves do not know the truth;
  302. Those trying to make themselves indispensable know how expendable they really are;
  303. Those claiming violence is the last resort are those most keen to resort to it;
  304. There is no money in poetry because there is no poetry in money;
  305. There is money in prose because money is prosaic;
  306. Insight is a crucial survival skill;
  307. Opinions have no survival value;
  308. A mummy’s boy is too scared to admit he is a homosexualist;
  309. Personal integrity saves a fortune in psychiatrist fees;
  310. If you associate with Whites, always keep your bags packed;
  311. Subjective assessments of others are always objective assessments of self;
  312. The claim that there is no such thing as objective reality is, itself, non-objective;
  313. If you only ever read books by their cover, you will only ever read book covers;
  314. Assuming an action will not work ensures it does not;
  315. Money is better earned than talked about;
  316. Anyone who says they possess a secret is trying to enslave you;
  317. The insensitive are always the most sensitive;
  318. People who are always doing something, do not like their own company;
  319. The only exception that disproves the rule is one that makes an actual difference;
  320. You cannot save what does not exist;
  321. The White race is the racist race;
  322. Religion is bunk;
  323. The Christian God is a god of Hate;
  324. Choice is free; consequences are expensive;
  325. White culture is a cult, not a culture; its religion, Political Correctness;
  326. Conspiracy Theories are only ever mocked by conspirators;
  327. Simple solutions to complex problems do not work;
  328. Whites either discredit & undermine Blacks or ignore Them;
  329. To Whites, Blacks are invisible; to Blacks, Whites are transparent;
  330. Growing up is learning to be alone;
  331. People who can be alone make the best company;
  332. Those who cannot be alone are the biggest burden in company;
  333. The hardest job is the one you do not want to do;
  334. The biggest tippers get the best service;
  335. People are not frustrated because they cannot get what they want, but because they do not know what they want;
  336. Those with the least to offer, always have the most to hide;
  337. Being right is always annoying to those who are wrong;
  338. If you understand someone else, you can talk to them in terms they understand;
  339. Hatred provides emotional warmth for the loveless;
  340. People who do not ask questions, think they know everything;
  341. No-one is as interesting as they think they are;
  342. Unsatiated desire corrupts the desire;
  343. For any new ideas blowing through any establishment, the windows are quickly shut;
  344. For a politician in a democracy, “Eternity” is the time between one election and another;
  345. Acceptance is preached by those who confuse the importance of life with their own;
  346. Compromise passes laws to save man’s face instead of his soul;
  347. Il Mattino ha l’Oro in Bocca (“The morning has gold in its mouth”);
  348. Whites imagine the worst in others; the best in themselves;
  349. Religion is an answer to the question “Why?” solely for the unimaginative;
  350. Competition is for mediocrities - the best in their fields have no competition;
  351. Only trust those with good memories: They are not trying to forget the bad things they did;
  352. People who do not like their own company make poor companions;
  353. Mediocrity is a form of corruption;
  354. Being against something is not the same as being in favor of something else;
  355. People who look forward to doing nothing, are nothing;
  356. God was created in the image of Man;
  357. Problem with gold is that its value fluctuates; with love, its values does not;
  358. Nothing of value can ever be purchased;
  359. Terrorists can always be trusted: Once they get what they want, they go away;
  360. People who try to make the world better are the most dangerous: They do not know their limitations;
  361. Mediocre people work the hardest to compensate for their mediocrity - so they cheat to pretend otherwise;
  362. If a man does not apologize of his own free will, his apology is insincere;
  363. Relationships are not goals - they are the result of the achievement of them;
  364. With those who live by their instincts, the more they know the less they know;
  365. Knowledge is the easiest thing to obtain but the hardest to accept;
  366. When people’s personal-lives fail, they devote themselves to politics;
  367. Love is always better than a song about it;
  368. The source of human misery: Social respectability;
  369. Helpful Whites are the most dangerous Whites;
  370. Cynics keep life at a distance because they fear it become the love you deserve;
  371. The insistence on being always right is always wrong;
  372. The virtuous have no need of approval, only the conviction of being right;
  373. Change for changes sake is always change for the worse;
  374. Change for changes sake is always change for the worse;
  375. Genealogy is a dead-worshipping substitute for a living culture;
  376. Pacifists are always the most violent;
  377. The lonely think friendship is agreement;
  378. Satan always tempts the talentless;
  379. Whites are bad losers and worse winners;
  380. Talking about doing things never got them done;
  381. Christian countries are not forgiving ones;
  382. Sexual orgies are for people frightened of intimacy;
  383. My penis is so polite, it stands up so girls have a place to sit;
  384. If you are scared of losing then you will never win;
  385. Telling others what to do is a substitute for doing it yourself;
  386. Whites are dynamic in their lack of vitality;
  387. Seeking an undefined normality leads to a defined mediocracy;
  388. Successful people never worry about what others are doing;
  389. It will never be rational to be irrational;
  390. Living in the past is neurotic; forgetting the past is dangerous;
  391. Anything worthwhile requires great effort; anything worthless, does not;
  392. The smaller the intellect, the louder the voice;
  393. The bigger the mouth, the smaller the brain;
  394. Religion is the name we give to our ignorance;
  395. Need makes all desire dirty;
  396. Reality is the hardest taskmaster;
  397. Cynicism is the highest form of naivety; naivety, the highest form of cynicism;
  398. Sex is only over-rated to those who are scared of it;
  399. To forget is to keep a secret from yourself;
  400. Every woman is a slut for the right man;
  401. If you see only with your eyes, you are blind;
  402. Be stupid when you are young so you do not have to be stupid when you are old;
  403. Play another’s game and you become their puppet;
  404. If the solution costs more than the problem, learn to live with the problem;
  405. Whites love animals because they do not like people;
  406. How do you know if a White is dead? They stop whining!
  407. It is insensitive to claim others are too sensitive;
  408. The loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room;
  409. Bad parents think there is something wrong with their children;
  410. The problem with anything free is that you are expected to pay for it;
  411. Ideologues cannot be trusted because they are more loyal to ideals than people;
  412. The more explicit the dialogue the less convincing the characters;
  413. The more realistic the special effects the less plausible the plot;
  414. You do what you are.
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