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What White People Really Mean When they Speak

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A lways bear in mind that White people possess no moral compass (they only have a moral weather‑vane); they are emotionally‑repressed to avoid empathizing with their would-be victims; &, they want to believe that everything in life is reducible to scientific explanations.



Acting White:
  1. People of Color (POC) desperate for White acceptance. But tolerated by Whites so long as they serve White interests;
  2. White people repressing their emotions and body language to avoid the punishments from other Whites meted-out to Race Traitors, Nigger Lovers and anyone else who wants to live life joyfully.
Affirmative Action:
  1. Unearned privilege to which Whites are automatically entitled; eg, Racial quotas for Whites
  2. Unearned advantage for which People of Color (POC) must be be condemned; eg, Racial quotas for Blacks.
Affirmative-Action Babies:
White people.
All Lives Matter:
Except Black ones.[2]
Political friend who fears the same people Whites do.
see also friend
Alpha Male:
Inappropriately-aggressive White Male.
Manifest Destiny.
Angry White Male:
Lazy man angry about his inability to re-construct reality for his sole benefit.
see also White guilt
The study of People of Color (POC).
see also sociology
  1. Person Of Color (POC) creating racial enmity;
  2. White person seeking respite from White Guilt;
  3. POC living in dignity and self‑respect.
Arranged Marriage:
Forced White inbreeding – required in order to be accepted by other Whites as White.
see also Cousin marriage
A Person of Color (POC) thinking, acting & talking like a White person.
see also intelligence
People of Color (POC) doing what Whites tell them to do – to preserve White culture & appease Whites.
see also segregation


People of Color (POC) gaining political control over Whites.
see also civilization
Black Lives Matter:
Reverse racism.
Black People:
People defining themselves by what they are; can be anyone White people do not like.
Black Revenge:
The current excuse Whites make to hang-on to the benefits of White supremacy and evade its downside. To prevent People of Color (POC) oppressing Whites with Reverse Racism as revenge for five centuries of White supremacy .
Bogus Asylum‑Seeker:
People deemed to have become bogus – as such – not through their acts, but via their very being; ie, not fit to be treated as really human.[4]


  1. Blacks indulging their essential lewdness and lasciviousness; but,
  2. a celebration for Whites.
White Guilt: Vain attempt at alleviating the guilt of Whites by their falling in love with the sound of their own voices, as a substitute for the contempt they feel for those they pretend to help.
A liberty of the soul purchased by the slavery of the body (cf, Bartolomé de ALBORNOZ).
  1. Get‑rich‑quick scheme at the expense of non‑Whites;
  2. the right to loot, rape & murder victims they then can call Savages; &,
  3. Whites gaining political control over People of Color (POC).
see also barbarism
If People of Color (POC) pretend there is no such thing as White supremacy, White people will pretend People of Color (POC) are not worthless after all. (Clearly, not seeing a physical quality of another carries with it the suggestion that that physical quality is the mark of inferiority. A bit like saying to an ugly woman that you do not see her ugliness. The pretense that a Political impediment to a Personal relationship is not an impediment, at all – when it clearly is.)
Complex person:
Immoral White person with psychiatric issues; eg, Dylann ROOF.
see also ethics, savage
Someone who has made the mistake of getting caught.
see also honest man
Cultural Identity:
That which People of Color (POC) possess (rather than the Machiavellian White need to control everything and everyone).
Caucasian substitute for intelligence.


Circular arguments disguised as common sense.
Political system Whites practice only when they are in the majority; eg, the United States. And preferably in the majoritarian form; eg, the United States. And preferably when Whites agree with the outcome of any election; eg, not British Guiana, not Chile, etc. Whites have avoided practicing democracy when they are in the minority; eg, Apartheid South Africa, Bermuda, British Hong Kong, British India, etc.
Political Correctness gone mad. Meritless Positive Discrimination for People of Color.


Indoctrination & institutionalization. (Being taught to regard the lives of People of Color (POC) as less important than those of Whites; making it easier to hate & kill the former.)
Election fraud:
Black people being allowed to vote.
see also voter fraud
Emotional repression
Hiding personal insecurities behind hostile politeness.
Equal Opportunity:
Tokenistic racial quotas; allowing Whites to simultaneously believe White supremacy is normal & natural and that it no longer exists.
see also Doublethink
Whites telling People of Color (POC) that Positive Discrimination/Affirmative Action is unfair to Whites; while White supremacy is fair to POC.
Heads Whites win; tails People of Color (POC) lose.
Fear that People of Color (POC) are sexually-attractive to Whites, despite five centuries of White supremacy and the concomitant need for Whites to repress their sexuality in order to avoid becoming attracted to POC and, thereby, freely-choosing their life partners, since free choice means the end of the White solidarity that White supremacy requires.
Philosophical conceits getting in the way of what Whites want to take for themselves from others; whatever Whites can get away with, without having to ethically‑justify it.
Ethnic majority:
Largest ethnic group living in any given part of the world.
Ethnic minority:
Any People of Color (POC) living in White-controlled parts of the world.
Something Whites do not possess.
Something Whites never are.
Comforting Caucasian insularity. Our Oriental Heritage: Europe is only a jagged promontory of Asia; it complains of the provincialism of our traditional histories which began with Greece and summed up Asia in a line and says they showed a fatal error of perspective and intelligence.
Whites Only!
see also inclusive


White feminism.
Free Speech:
Agreeing with Whites.
see also freedom
Acting White.
see also free speech
White political ally or associate who fears the same people Whites do; eg, Zionists. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, not share and share alike
see also ally
Pretending complete agreement on all issues. (Impossible with [& between] Whites because they do not believe-in, nor practice, any of the essential components of friendship; eg, affection; sympathy; empathy; honesty; altruism; mutual understanding, shared values, equity and compassion; enjoyment of each other's company; trust; and the ability to be oneself, express one's feelings, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend.)
Forbidden Fruit:
Whites desiring and enjoying sex with People of Color (POC) because it is better than the sex they can get from another White. Whites slumming with their inferiors in hopes of avoiding the label: Racist


Gated Community:
White ghetto.
Get Over It!:
Get Used To It! The White demand that everyone else forget any historical event that makes White people look bad.
Get Used To It!:
Get Over It!
Good Judge of Character:
Good judge of appearances based on political concerns, not ethical, epistemological nor metaphysical ones.


Honest man:
Someone who has not made the mistake of getting caught;
see also convict
Human Rights:
Those which all humans automatically‑possess, but which only Whites can exercise: Fuck those who think they are as good as Whites!
That which can be directed at People of Color (POC) by Whites – with impunity – but not at Whites, themselves, by anyone.
  1. White belief that beliefs are more important than objective reality; eg, All Lives Matter;
  2. The collective noun for a group of Whites is an hypocrisy of Whites.
  3. see also schizophrenia


Something to wear; depending on whom one wishes to impress.
If you don’t like living here, leave!:
Black people are not allowed to protest – only Whites are. Blacks are only allowed to live where there is nothing to complain about.
Illegal Immigrant:
Undocumented migrant who is made illegal – as such – merely by lacking autochthonous identity‑documentation. As opposed to someone who merely acts illegally – who is never described as an illegal Jobseeker or an illegal benefits’-claimant.
Immigration Control:
The desperate and rather paranoid White fear that People of Color (POC) will become an ethnic majority and treat Whites as Whites have always treated POC.
Immigration Policy:
To keep White countries as White as possible for as long as possible.
Whites Only!
see also exclusive
Natural state of affairs for Whites; rendering fairness unnecessary.
Institutional Racism:
Providing Whites with psychological and material benefits – in perpetuity – for which a rationale is not required. The only way to make White supremacy seem natural, is to build it into the very social system.
People of Color (POC) doing what Whites tell them to do – to preserve White culture & appease Whites.
see also segregation
A quality only Whites possess.
see also articulacy
International Community:
Whites agreeing among themselves; the United States (USA) (currently the biggest bully in the playground) and its sycophants. .


Je Suis Charlie:
Fuck the Muslims! (When People of Color [POC], that Whites that do not agree with, are killed for exercising their right to free speech, Whites never express solidarity; eg, Zombie Catholicism.)
Jesus’s Skin Color:
Of crucial importance to White people because they will never worship a Person of Color (POC) and because Whites have no moral leaders of their own in their own communities.
Judge of Character:
Something White people can never be since Whites never judge others (or themselves) by their character or their behavior – but by birth circumstances.
White dominion over everyone else.


White pride.


System for protecting Whites from People of Color (POC).
see also police
Lest We Forget:
Whites trying to live in the past.
Let it go!:
Get Over It! (Demanding People of Color [POC] not confront the history of race‑murder [& the current fear of being murdered for no particular reason] allows every White person alive today to continue to benefit from the resulting White privilege.)
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
Only for White people.


Majoritarian Democracy:
Political system for ensuring People of Color (POC) obtain little political power; ie, a system sanctioning the irrationality of the majority over the powerless so created. (In reality, this is little more than Majoritarianism, Ochlocracy & the Tyranny of the majority.)
Manifest Destiny:
White supremacy.
see also American Dream
Mental Illness:
  1. Not agreeing with Whites; &,
  2. emotional expressivity.
Something Whites automatically possess, but which all others must earn.
System Whites use to assess people they do not like – not used when assessing White people. (Whites having first-refusal over everything; People of Color [POC] having whatever remains – if anything.)
The basis and godhead of White culture.
Decline in the number of Whites in favor of an increase in the number of People of Color (POC).
Philosophical conceits that get in the way of what Whites want to achieve.
see also ethics
Revealing Whites as being just as good and as bad as everyone else and, therefore, not the best at everything.


That which Whites confuse with Ethnicity.
Not All White people are racist!:
Fuck you, Nigger![1]
Not now!:
  1. How Whites label People of Color (POC); or,
  2. POC who spend too much quality time with Whites; ie, more than 20%.
Nigger Lover/Race Traitor:
White who treats People of Color (POC) as equals.


President Barack Obama proves racism no longer exists:
Whites using tokens like the fact that the United Kingdom (UK) has had female Prime Ministers to claim there is no more sexism in the UK.
Whitespeak prepositional abbreviation for: Our White; eg, our country, our values, Whites only, etc.
Our Heritage:
White guilt


Passive aggression:
Indifference & Tolerance.
  1. People of Color (POC) agreeing to be labeled by their nationality, but judged by their ethnicity; &,
  2. unconditional obedience to Whites.
Penis Size:
Whites believe People of Color (POC) will out‑breed them – even in largely‑White countries; eg, Oh, my God! You’re tearing me apart!
People Of Color (POC):
Everyone not identifying as White.
Personal/Private life:
Politics in the bedroom.
Substitute for a friend.
Playing the Race Card:
Whites whining about People of Color (POC) pointing‑out White supremacy – a product of White Guilt that is, itself, the perfect example of Playing the Race Card. Coupled with the White desire to get ethnic minorities to shut‑up about racism and learn to get used to second‑class citizenship status in their own countries.
Organization for protecting Whites from People of Color (POC).
see also law
Emotional repression and Passive Aggression.
see also tolerance
Political Correctness
  1. Newspeak substitute for political discourse – the major cause of paranoid schizophrenia among Whites; &
  2. Pretending to be what one is not.
Political life:
Sexual affairs at work to publicly prove one’s sexuality.
Caucasian substitute for a fulfilling love-life.
Positive Discrimination:
  1. Unearned privilege to which Whites are automatically entitled; eg, Racial quotas for Whites
  2. Unearned advantage for People of Color (POC) which must be automatically condemned; eg, Racial quotas for Blacks.
White anger at such a policy equals that of People of Color (POC) regarding White Supremacy – the only equality the two groups experience.
Protesting peacefully:
  1. An angry Black mob; but,
  2. a peaceful White crowd.
see also carnival, rioting
Protestant Work Ethic:
Keeping Whites busy to help them evade the realization they do not possess fulfilling personal lives.
Substitute for love.




Racism Awareness Training:
Teaching Whites that People of Color (POC) are to be both feared and pitied for their inferiority, that such training is necessary to help POC achieve at least the possibility of parity with Whites.
Racial Diversity:
Political distraction from the constant White need for attention.
see also diversity
White person who believes his achievements are solely his own, unaided work.
Race Card:
Card that only People of Color (POC) can play; but from which only Whites can benefit.
Race Relations:
Never taking People of Color (POC) seriously.
Race Traitor/Nigger Lover:
White who treats People of Color (POC) as equals.
Attempt to prevent People of Color (POC) revealing Whites are just like everybody else.
Only Whites benefit from this; while claiming it does not exist.
Whites being taught to hate & kill People of Color (POC).
Rat Race:
Whites confusing material success with personal pride.
White supremacy is natural.
Reverse Racism exists![3]:
  1. White people taking People of Color (POC) condemning White supremacy, personally;
  2. how Whites refer to POC reminding them White culture is racist.
see also White guilt
  1. When Blacks do it: Call the police!; but,
  2. when Whites do it: They are letting off steam.
Right Kind of Migrant:
A White one who speaks English like a native.
Instructions Whites create – ostensibly for everyone to follow, but which they can arbitrarily avoid following, themselves, when it suits them.


People of Color (POC) with emotional problems; eg, Trayvon MARTIN.
see also ethics, complex person
People of Color (POC) not doing what they are told to do by Whites – to preserve their cultural identity.
see also integration
Sexual Repression:
Suppressing ones sexuality to appear above that sort of thing compared to those who embrace theirs.
see also erotophobia
White belief that the world owes White people a living which they do not have to work for; eg, Why ‘The White Man’s Burden’ Has Less Factual Authority than ‘Looney Tunes’.
see also hypocrisy
White male fear that White females are sexually-attracted to Black men despite White supremacy.
Social stability:
Social stasis – keeping things White.
see also civilization
The study of White People.
see also anthropology
Soft science:
Pseudo‑science that allows Whites to try to conceal their prejudice behind scientific-sounding bullshit; eg, the unprovable claims claims of The Bell Curve.
Some of my best friends are Black!:
Whites trying to use a human shield to deflect any claim that they are racist – despite knowing nothing of their so‑called friend’s living arrangements, shopping habits, church attendance, where they get their hair cut, what their children’s/grandchildren’s names are, etc. An attempt to continue benefiting from White supremacy, while denying that one is doing so.
Stop making it all about race!:
Black Lives Don’t Matter! Whites trying to evade‑the‑issue by claiming Black people are as obsessed with their skin colors as White people are with Black skin pigmentation; while exercising the alleged privilege of being able to tell Black people what to do and how to think. Whites make a big deal about terrorism directed at them; while ignoring its effect when directed by them at People of Color (POC).
Suppressing ones humanity to appear better than those who embrace theirs.


That which few People of Color (POC) possess; eg, 98% of Academy Awards are won by White people.
To protect & to serve:
To Dominate & to Exclude (People of Color [POC]).
Indifference & Passive aggression.


Getting caught doing something wrong.
see also ethics
Heaven for White people; Hell for everyone else.


Voter fraud:
Black people being allowed to vote.
see also election fraud


War on Drugs:
War on People of Color (POC).
War on Terror:
White attempt to prevent People of Color (POC) revealing Whites are terrified; eg, Keep Calm and Carry On.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do:
When in Rome, do as the White Romans do – especially if you are a Black Roman.
White Achievement:
Empty boasting about achievements solely, largely or partly made possible by White supremacy; achievements that only make objective sense within the context of White culture – never outside of it. Subjectively‑designed to set Whites up as the standard against which all ethnic achievement is measured.
White Countries:
A self‑disrepsting community of hate and greed.
White Culture:
Political system needing constant valorization through endemic hostility to all other cultures; eg, The Personal is Political; a prison disguised as a holiday resort.
White emotional‑blackmail:
Do not remind White people they are racist and Whites will try not to remind People of Color (POC) that they are Niggers.
White Feminism:
Where is our share of the benefits of White Supremacy?
White Genocide:
An excuse for Whites to commit genocide against people who are no threat to them.
White Guilt:
  1. Belief that White supremacy is morally‑wrong and that People of Color (POC) are, therefore, both culturally‑superior to White people and fully‑justified in taking revenge on Whites for the fact that all Whites benefit from said White supremacy; &
  2. the gnawing sense that White accomplishments are largely‑based upon White supremacy, rather more than they are upon innate aptitude, learned skills and developed talent.
see also charity, our heritage
White Identity:
Belief in what is in the best interests of White people – and only Whites – building group consciousness, solidarity and pride among Whites, by pretending White  achievements are because of race. Also that Whites are more sinned‑against than sinning and should encourage each other to be more aware of and assertive about their interests as a group, to speak out and answer slurs and attacks directed against them and our White heroes.
They also believe different ethnic groups cannot live together in peace on the same soil, that Whites cannot and should not tolerate being governed by non‑Whites. They affirm their European heritage and common cause with their European cousins everywhere.
They also believe that Jews are not White, since Jews are concerned with their own group’s best interests, not those of Whites. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.
White People:
People defining themselves by what they are not: Both parents must be White heterosexuals and speak English as a mother tongue.
White Pride:
Substitute for a lack of personal achievement.
White Privilege:
Conflating merit with genetics.
White Segregation:
White people trying to avoid being reminded of the emotional agonies of White Guilt.
see also gated community
White Society:
People of Color (POC) accepting the permanence of White supremacy; Whites accepting the permanence of White Guilt.
White Supremacy:
Anything a White says being automatically and unquestionably true – to other Whites.
White Trash:
Whites taking out their own trash – rather than forcing someone else to do so; while pretending to be a better kind of White.


White belief that People of Color (POC) will treat Whites as Whites treat People of Color.





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