White Guilt


Self-Pity Never Helped Anyone

To Be White is to Be Guilty


Self-contradictory attack on White guilt that is, itself, an example of White guilt.

If guilt never helped anyone, everyone would be able to commit evil acts with impunity; making guilt a useful social and moral tool, without which civilization would be impossible. Or is it that civil society is only impossible for Whites, since they are fundamentally-trapped in guilt and Political Correctness (PC); lacking the courage to make for the exit?

This writer is deliberately confusing White guilt (a rational response to benefiting from White supremacy) with PC (an irrational response from intellectually-lazy White supremacists) to conceal his own White guilt, his own PC and his own White supremacy. He is trapped in a totalitarian culture that offers no alternatives since it conflates the Personal with the Political because such PC is like Christianity - mostly preaching and precious little practicing.

The guilt-ridden giveaway here is the attack on Race Traitor - unsupported by any logic or evidence. But then, arguments made by Whites - who clearly have no experience of White supremacy - never are.

The claim that all people suffer from White supremacy is true, but not the implication that all suffer in the same way, to the same extent or created the problem, in the first place - as Whites did. If true, it would mean that the experience of politically-oppressed Jews in Nazi Germany was equal to the suffering of emotionally-repressed Nazis! A false equivalence that is, in itself, produced from - and an example of - White guilt, much like those Whites who claim All Lives Matter as a means of drowning-out the voices of People of Color (POC). james heartfield is making White supremacy about everybody in order to avoid the fact that he is a racist who hates Black people hogging the limelight when it comes to racism.

Moreover, to make the implication that White supremacy affects everyone, equally, is to imply that there is no such thing as White supremacy, when this could only be true if everyone in the world were White. A classic example of denial and self-delusion as well as of guilt and of self-pity. When Whites benefit from a great evil like White supremacy, authors like this will move heaven and earth to pretend otherwise; using the PC to hide their own self-hatred from public view - and from themselves.

(The sole benefit of politically-correct White guilt - obvious to everyone who does not receive it - is that one can achieve power over the gullible who believe in Whites’ crocodile tears, so long as others can be found gullible enough to be thus co-opted into White supremacy.

Whites must act White in order to obtain those benefits because such acting not only makes Whites seem superior to POC but to other Whites as well - the Whitest Whites; the most superior Whites of them all, to dofferentiate themselves from those Whites who renounce White supremacy. Because acting White provides Whites with White privilege - so long as they continue to renounce the humanity of POC - those who renounce the humanity of White supremacists believe they achieve the highest privileges of all since they hold out the possibility to all Whites that they can continue to benefit from White supremacy while pretending to be dead set against it. But since this is a trick that only works with the naive, it explains why more astute POC have to be either intimidated or bought off, by Whites, with the phony acceptance of tokenism.)

Here, a writer ashamed of being White (with good reason, since White predations traditionally include looting, rapine & genocide) seeks the ultimate exculpation of sins: The implication that guilt is bad for you, despite its existence as a means of telling you when you have done wrong - and, then, what to do about it. But, much more than this, he also seeks a justification for doing the bad things Whites have always done - without having to face the inevitability of remorse. Whites are stuck with the moral quagmire of their culture and choose not to live it down. They prefer, instead, the old standby of simply pretending theirs is the best culture - ever - no matter how truly awful it really is. Even so, the guilt abides; making Whites impossible to trust since once bitten; twice shy.

But, if Whites should not feel guilt at benefiting from White supremacy, what should they feel? Elation? Only a White supremacist would ever think so! Whites are caught in a trap of being justifiably guilt-ridden because of White supremacy; leading them to try and appear and act anti-racist, via PC, to vainly-evade their guilt. When this inevitably does not work, because no-one can be an actor round-the-clock, this writer claims that guilt, itself, is unjustified. And yet, White guilt is as overwhelming and can be as intellectually and psychologically-paralyzing as it is for pedophiles who claim children welcome their attentions and as it is for rapists who claim women ask to be raped.

When Whites realize that simply renouncing White supremacy is all that is required - as Catholics are regularly-enjoined to renounce the devil and all his works - the guilt will melt away. But that would mean Whites renouncing White culture - as it would mean Catholics renouncing Catholicism - neither group is likely to do this because the beliefs they cleave to, that give their life meaning, are the very ones they need to reject. But how many Whites ever do that, in reality? It would mean Whites having to work for a living rather than their lives being made easier than anyone else’s because they possess the right kind of skin coloration. Both groups would also have to arrange for a replacement worldview - and none is on the horizon that is acceptable or easy for them to practice because the genetic welfare of White supremacy has made them lazy, dependent and always looking for handouts.



Whites are only ever concerned when a fact is counterproductive for them

Whites never claim guilt is counterproductive for criminals who benefit from their crimes, you will notice - only for Whites who benefit from White Supremacism. Wallowing in guilt: Bad; working through guilt: Good.

Whites want to evade guilt for their unearned privilege, so claim guilt is counterproductive. Yet Blacks know better that the guilt Whites experience because of that unearned privilege is the just punishment for the existence of such privilege. The gulf between the two sides is always going to be wide so long as this fact is not clearly understood, accepted and acted upon.

Guilt is a painful experience that requires great effort and courage to overcome; courage and industry that Whites lack precisely because White privilege encourages Whites to become complacent and lazy - especially ethically. If you look at the guilt pedophiles possess because of what they do to children and the fact that none of their kind has ever been cured of the desire for sex with children, you can see how far Whites still have to go to cure themselves of the inferiority complexes known more commonly as White supremacism and Negrophobia.

The function of guilt is to alert the guilty to the fact that they have done wrong - either absolutely or in relation to their moral values. Guilt is thus the starting point for self-reappraisal and change. To re-label guilt as counterproductive, as Tim Wise foolishly does, is to say that guilt is irrelevant and useless. This is the same as saying that a fire alarm is irrelevant when there is a fire - even though ignoring it would result in no action being taken to put out the fire. This proves that White guilt and shame are still so pervasive and so profoundly felt that Whites still desperately try to evade its inevitably-negative consequences and, in the process, damn Blacks to being always treated by Whites as genetic inferiors.

The solution is for Whites to exploit their guilt constructively and not simply self-indulgently wallow in it as White anti-racists do, by effectively challenging their own unearned privileges (as Time Wise, Robert Jensen, Noel Ignatiev & others have done) and learn to stand on their own two feet as grown-ups do. Of course, this requires that Whites put themselves in the firing line usually referred to as becoming a Nigger-lover, and how many Whites are really willing to put their own lives on the line to protect those of Blacks? Like the question every US Secret Service agent has to consider - would you use your own body to stop a bullet aimed at the President? - trying to evade the unevadable - Guilt - is never going to answer this question, nor is it going to enable Whites to mature as people, into people - and so unreconstructed Whites will always be the emotional and ethical cripples they currently choose to remain. And children always choose what gives them pleasure because they have not yet learned adult responsibility and have never been taught this, so do not know any better.

Kittywampus deliberately equates feeling guilty with renouncing privilege - even though they are unrelated - in order to vainly get around her own feelings of guilt. All that is being asked is that unearned privileges be renounced. Whites are not required to forgo college, but they are required to prove that they have a right to be there over and above their Whiteness. Few Whites can do this. To claim that guilt paralyzes and is solipsistic is a self-fulfilling prophecy that encourages running away from it and living in denial. It is only these things for people who choose it to be these things. Kittywampus’s problem is her lack of experience of human variation - a typically White supremacist stance that proves her attempt to hijack any debate on White supremacism in favor of Whites.

No-one can ever be responsible without acknowledging the power of guilt in our lives, for only in this way is redemption possible. After all, redemption without guilt would be as meaningless as sex without love. This posting is the usual White attempt at success without achievement characteristic of their apartheid-style political life.

Of course, the real problem here for Whites is the fact that White Guilt and White Shame at the White Supremacist nature of their culture is exploitable by Blacks. And that fear of being exploited by those they label genetically inferior lies at the heart of their refusal to take responsibility for their own feelings - despite their claim that responsibility is more important than guilt and shame. Whites will always be affective children and desperately try to scapegoat others for their own, self-generated emotions. After all, no-one can make you feel anything that was not their to feel in the first place.

Once again, the ethical mediocrity and mendacity of White Western culture is revealed in its desperate and despairing attempts to assuage the guilt and shame of those who benefit from the willful oppression of others. Living in a White Supremacist culture is as difficult for Whites as it is for Blacks, but at least Whites can solace themselves with the material and psychological advantages that White Supremacism offers them: Money does not buy happiness, but at least you can be miserable in comfort. These people are as far from dealing effectively with their own racism as a domestic cat is in dealing with his desire for mice.

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